Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Anti-racist spree killer. 17 year old says he killed sister and mother because they were racist.

Anti-racist spree killer. 17 year old says he killed sister and mother because they were racist.

A seventeen year old Texas boy murdered his sister and mother and planned to kill three other relatives. In his confession he said he was targeting “racists” in family for murder.
Evans, who was home schooled, said he argued with his 15-year-old sister, Mallory, that day after she made a racist comment, and he felt his family were becoming people he hated.
‘The people who are racists, bullies, and who are full of themselves are the really evil ones. And it amazes me because those three qualities are extremely common today.
‘I was very sad because I felt like my own family were becoming the people I hate’, he wrote.
After hitting golf balls, running errands with his grandmother and watching television at home, Evans put a knife in his pocket and thought about killing Mallory, according to the statement.
But he decided to kill his mother and younger sister with a gun stolen from his grandfather so they wouldn’t feel pain, he wrote.
‘I then spent probably over an hour walking nervously around the house thinking how life will never be the same and how I would never see them again,’ he wrote.
‘Thoughts of causing her pain kept entering my mind and were really bothering me,’ he wrote. ‘But then I’d think about the times she hurt my feelings or really pissed me off.’
Evans then reveals he went to his sister’s bedroom door and asked her to watch The Waterboy with him. But he later excused himself and went into the art room. There, he imagined killing Mallory again, he told investigators.
After about 30 minutes he came back with the knife in his pocket and thought about killing her.
‘I sat for about 5 minutes and then playfully threw a pillow at Mallory,’ he wrote. ‘We started having a pillow fight in the room.
‘After a while I thought to myself that if I were going to kill my mom and Mallory, I wouldn’t want them to feel anything.
So I decided to kill them both with the .22 revolver I stole from my Grandpa.’
Evans shot Mallory and then his mother, Jami, with the .22calibre but went back and shot his sister again after realizing she was alive, according to the statement.
He also shot his mother again to make sure she was dead, he wrote.


  1. Wake up, America. Europe is starting to wake up as well. We need to unite and make patriotism something worth fighting for.

  2. Enjoy being a pin cushion for your diversity scumbag. Hope they beat him near to death over and over.

  3. I will archive this and never forget it.. these people are going to pay someday..BOOK IT!!