Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Would our Founding Fathers Tolerate such an abuse by authority?


In a shocking video that’s going viral, a cop tells a man he can’t wash his car in his own driveway.

It happened in Garden City, New York when a police officer walked up to a resident and threatened him with a ticket. A neighbor had apparently called the cops to complain about the criminal car-washer. The officer cited a city ordinance that says people cannot wash their cars on private property in the public’s view.
The resident videotaped the cop saying, “If you do it, we will be back here to give you tickets.”
In the end, the cop left without writing a ticket. Watch the confrontation:

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  1. Alas, there is nothing new about ridiculous situations such as this that occurred in Garden City, N.Y., a hyper-regulated town in which a citizen is not allowed to wash his OWN vehicle in his OWN driveway. If anything, absurdities such as this are becoming an ever-increasing phenomenon here in the People's Republic of Amerika. Of course, New York state is infamous for its persnickety, over-zealous regulation of every aspect of human endeavor. Its governor, Andrew Cuomo, is, of course, a "liberal," albeit not in the classic, dictionary-defined form of the term. The term "liberal" is no longer defined in the way it once was. Truth be told, the modern-day description of a liberal is the polar OPPOSITE of its former meaning. A liberal used to be a person who lived and let live...a person who was tolerant of other people's foibles and peccadillos. No longer. A liberal is now a person who demands that everyone else thinks like him or her...demands that everyone else march in lock-step to the beat of his or her drummer. Modern liberals are, in a word...fascists...rabid hypocritical myrmidons who ardently preach tolerance but are the most intolerant of people. Modern liberals are NOT live and let live people but, rather, people who hate independently-minded people...people who insist that they are more intelligent, more enlightened, than everyone else, thus they believe they have the right to dictate the minute details of everyone else's lives. They will even use the force of law to impose their holier-than-thou value system on others, although ordinarily they despise the restrictions imposed by the law. Liberals are the ultimate hypocrites and busybodies...which is why a man, an Erstwhile free American...cannot wash his own car in his own driveway on his own private property. Welcome to Police State Amerika...