Monday, December 30, 2013

White couple brutally beaten in Charlotte hate crime mob attack

White couple brutally beaten in Charlotte hate crime mob attack

A couple was brutally attacked at random by a mob of black thugs in Charlotte, NC on December 20th. They managed to take some photos of the thugs. However, police have made no arrests and the “mainstream” Charlotte media saw fit to censor the whole event.
Police did not even bother to distribute the photos of the perps. They also waited seven days just ask local business for security video.
Nine days later, a minor publication wrote about the attack, but still censored race.  They call it a “knockout game” attack, which is a media euphemism for racially motivated violence committed by young blacks.
If the races were reversed, this would have been a national news story.
Doucette said the assault occurred after she and Adams, both 39, had met for a drink at Miller’s after Adams finished his shift as chef for a downtown food cart. They headed east up the Mall toward Rapture to end their night with music, when Adams tripped and fell in front of Derriere de Soie lingerie store, a block from Miller’s. As he was getting up, a man approached quickly, said something that Doucette couldn’t make out, and kicked Adams while he was on the ground, before being joined by his friends who beat Adams severely, breaking his ankle, cracking ribs and knocking out one of his teeth.
The grainy photos that Doucette took with her phone (posted below story) show the faces and clothing worn by the three alleged assailants, all black males. Doucette estimated the men were approximately 6’ tall and in their mid-20s or early 30s. In one photo, Adams is lying on his back on the Mall with a man looming over him. Doucette said the man was kicking Adams when she took the picture. In another picture, a large man in a black coat and light colored shirt appears to be moving towards Doucette’s camera as Adams is on his knees in the background.
While Doucette suffered bruising to her head and tearing of the cartilage in her ear, Adams bore the brunt of the men’s aggression, sustaining broken bones and a concussion that he said has robbed him of any memory of the incident and its immediate aftermath.
Flooded with fear and adrenaline, Doucette said, she reacted quickly after the assault began, confronting the first assailant.
“I came up and pushed him away and said, ‘What are you doing?’” she recalled.
The incident escalated when the man responded by striking her.
“The guy hits me repeatedly in the ear,” she said. “My earring was stabbing me in the head over and over.”
Two other men soon joined in the beating, Doucette said, and while they primarily focused on Adams, a local musician who at 5’5″ and 140 pounds was outsized and outnumbered, they would occasionally strike her.
“When he’d tell them to stop hitting me, they’d hit me twice,” said Doucette, who is 5’2″.
Doucette said she and Adams repeatedly tried to escape, but the assault continued east up the Mall and stopped in front of the Wells Fargo bank. Doucette said she threw her purse at the men, hoping that when they saw the cash inside they’d simply take the money and leave, but they had no apparent interest in robbing her. Instead, she said, they seemed to delight in the brutality.
“They were laughing, high-fiving, hugging, and then returning to kick him,” said Doucette. “There was some kind of camaraderie to it.”
The attack finally stopped after Doucette started taking pictures with her cell phone and several passersby appeared to be calling 911. By the time police arrived several minutes later, Doucette said, the assailants were gone. Adams, who had been briefly knocked unconscious, refused to be transported by ambulance to the hospital that night despite Doucette’s and emergency responders’ urgings. He also declined to be interviewed by police, although he called the next day to add his report to the information given to police by Doucette.
“My brain was messed up,” he said, repeating what Doucette has told him about his post-assault behavior. “I kept saying I wanted to go home.”
The next morning, Adams said, he did go to the hospital. In addition to the concussion and facial bruising including a black eye, x-rays confirmed his cracked ribs and fractured ankle. Nearly two weeks after the attack, the physical wounds are healing, but both Doucette and Adams are troubled by what they see as a lack of response from the Charlottesville Police Department.
“It’s like they don’t care,” said Doucette, who said she called police on December 29 to follow up on the investigation and was told that the case had been suspended due to a lack of information and had not been assigned to a detective. “I don’t understand why they couldn’t even have the courtesy to call and say we’re not even going to look for them,” she said.

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  1. Had this deplorable incident been reversed...had a mob of racists whites brutally attacked a black couple because of their race...the half-black U.S. Attorney General, Eric holder, an Obama appointee, would be avidly persuing this case. But the victims of this race-based assault were white, thus Holder, a black racist, is not interested in holding the black racist attackers to account. America, established by whites, is no longer a safe place for whites to live. This writer, perhaps presciently...asserted years ago that, in time...America would become South Africa, the black-run rape and murder capital of the world. U.S.. Attorney General Eric Holder is a rancid racist, as is his boss, Barack H. Obama. This writer knew in 2008, when Obama was first elected president by 95 percent of blacks and 62 percent of white females...that there would be hell to pay. Fortunately, though, this hell is being paid by the blacks who elected their Messiah, Obama. During the five years of the Obama administrations the black working class has suffered more than any other demographic. The black unemployment rate is now, under Obama, the worst it's ever been. The idiot white women who twice installed Obama into office are, LOL, suffering too. The rape of white women by predatory blacks is off the an all-time high. But then, perhaps these debased white women, in the weird throes of a sick Freudian psychological dynamic...enjoy being raped by blacks. Just a thought...