Monday, December 2, 2013

Trio of thugs slaughter 76 year old SC woman in her front yard

Trio of thugs slaughter 76 year old SC woman in her front yard

Two black males and a black female were arrested for the senseless murder of a 76 year white female in South Carolina. The elderly woman was leaving a bingo hall.
The woman managed to fire a shot from her own concealed handgun and hit one of the thugs in the stomach.
Dorothy Hendrix was shot twice by the gang of two men and a woman, but she managed to shoot one of her assailants in the stomach before dying of her wounds.
Steven Hagood, Tereba Geer, and Bradacious Galloway have all been charged with murder.
‘She fought. She was a fighter. She shot him,’ the victim’s brother, Ronnie Lollis, told WYFF News Channel 4.
Ms Hendrix, who was known as Dot to her friends, had been returning to her Anderson County home at 1am when the gang allegedly tried to rob her.
The 76-year-old fired at the group and one of them fired back, hitting Ms Hendrix in the abdomen and the arm.
A neighbor called police after hearing the gunshots, but Ms Hendrix died outside her home while a relative held her hand.
Hagood, who she shot in the stomach, was taken to hospital where he is under guard. As well as being charged with murder, the 33-year-old has been served with a family bench warrant for unpaid child support of $80,000.


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