Sunday, December 1, 2013

Thug beats random 41 year old woman in NYC then does a victory dance

Hate CrimesThug beats random 41 year old woman in NYC then does a victory dance

Location of the attack. Photo from New York Post.
There has been another brutal attack on 41 year old female, by a young male thug in New York City. Witnesses say that the thug did a victory dance after attacking the thug. He didn’t steal anything.
The “mainstream” media is downplaying the attack and censoring the race of the victim and the perpetrator. If this had been a black woman attacked by a white man, it would be a national news story with the races of both parties included in the headlines.
The New York Post is calling the assault a “knockout game” attack. This is a thinly veiled media euphemism for racial violence in which the perpetrator is black. Numerous major media bosses now openly admit to censoring black crime, especially black on white crime, in their outlets.
A nicotine fiend knocked out a total stranger on a Brooklyn street because he was angry that nobody would give him a cigarette — and then he did a victory dance because he “felt exhilarated,” police sources told The Post.
Michael Grant, 27, was trying to score the smoke on New Lots Avenue and Ashford Street at around 12:30 p.m. Tuesday, but lost his cool when he was turned down numerous times, he told cops.
He walked up to Pam Thompson, 41, as she was coming out of AA Nail Salon and clocked her square in the face, cops said. Her head slammed into the window, knocking her out cold.
The brute celebrated his sucker punch with a dance next to the injured woman’s body. He later told police, “I just felt exhilarated.”
Thompson, 41, was stunned by the cowardly attack.
“I don’t know him. I never saw him before in my life,” she said. “I have no idea why [he did this]. He just attacked me for no reason. He punched me and that was all I saw. Out of nowhere!”

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