Saturday, December 28, 2013

The French Kiss-A Tale of Jewish Bolshevik Savagery


  1. "War is hell," observed William T. Sherman during the latter years of the American Civil War ( 1861-1865 ). Sherman, a general in the Union even now an infamous figure in many parts of the defeated South. His notorious "March to the Sea" laid waste to Atlanta and Savannah and every town and hamlet in between. The Union soldiers, angry about the heavy losses they sustained during the fratricidal war...white against white, brother vs. brother...were thirsty for revenge. The war waged by the North against the South consumed the lives of over 600,000 American men who wore the blue or the gray. Yes, war is indeed hell, and always has been since the first war was waged millennia ago. During Sherman's March to the Sea the blue-clad Union soldiers, smelling the sweet odor of victory...allowed their savage thirst for vengeance to get the better of them. They burned every enemy-owned humble house and opulent mansion to the ground during their devastating reign of terror... butchered the livestock, murdered the defenseless old men... and raped the defenseless women whose fathers and husbands were not there to protect them. Even the black female slaves were raped by the very men whose stated mission was to free them from bondage. Rape has been used as an ignoble weapon of war for as long as war...government-sanctioned mass murder...has existed. The brutal dynamics that occurred in the aftermath of the Jewish-instigated Second World War were the same as, no different from...the atrocities that follow in the wake of almost every war. "To the victor goes the spoils," so the time-proven adage goes. No truer adage was ever spoken. The victor of war always reaps the harvest of war, and one of the main crops harvested by the victor of war is the women of the defeated foe. This deplorable...but unfortunately true...dynamic does, in fact, include the victorious American soldiers who in 1945 defeated Hitler's Third Reich. The American soldiers who swept through war-ravaged Germany did, in fact...engage in the unrestrained, massive rape of German women and girls. Yes, war is hell, and always has been. The purpose of this treatise is not to castigate America or her fighting men but, rather, to reveal reality. And, again, the documented reality is that American soldiers did, in fact, rape the women of their vanquished German foe. To reiterate an important previous point: The rape of the women of the enemy has for millennia been used as a weapon of war. Little or nothing has changed during these millennia. American combat soldiers are men and, like it or will be men. This truism applies to men of EVERY nationality and creed, American men included. During the later Vietnam "War" of the '60s and '70s, American soldiers raped and subsequently often murdered north and south Vietnamese women. This uncomfortable fact is beyond dispute, is well documented. Several award-winning films have been produced regarding this fact...the film "Platoon," for example, among others...contain graphic scenes of the rape of the indigenous women. Yes, war is hell, and to the victor go the spoils, and one of the spoils of war is the free access to the comely female body, and American not exempt from this sad and deplorable reality. Yes...American soldiers, like the soldiers of every nation...have...and do...engage in rape. War is hell...

  2. To continue the above regarding rape as a weapon of war. American soldiers have committed atrocities in every war in which they have fought, including rape. This is a tragic but true fact of life and war. American soldiers, though...and of course...are not the only fighting men who have indulged in this foul crime against humanity. Nor have they been the worst violators of the laws of war. This dubious distinction belongs to the Soviet soldiers who ravaged Germany and other war-torn countries in the aftermath of World War 11. Although the large-scale rape of the women and girls of a defeated nation is a heinous crime in of itself, the communist soldiers who burned and pillaged their way through the ruins of Europe were especially brutal in their treatment of the helpless civilian population. Women and girls were their favorite targets for abuse...sexual assault...rape. The crazed communists did not stop at mere rape, though, but savagely tortured their victims during and after the act, then murdered them in front of their families...husbands, brothers and sisters, their children. The demonic brutality of the Soviet communists knew no bounds and was encouraged by their commanders. Yes, American soldiers did rape and otherwise sexually abuse the women of the defeated Third Reich...but their crimes, abominable as they were...paled in comparison to those of the Soviets.