Monday, December 30, 2013

PC is Driving White America INSANE

This past week, the hypocrite Jewish-controlled US media went into another ridiculous circus act over Phil Robertson, one of those bearded guys on the A&E show “Duck Dynasty,” for saying what he thought about the homos and black civil rights. The supposed “controversy” brought out the same vitriolic White-haters as when southern TV cook, Paula Deen admitted once using the “N-word” about a million years ago.
Frankly, I don’t watch “Duck Dynasty,” since I really think this kind of crap is JEWISH MEDIA PROFITEERING and a form of ELITIST VOYEURISM – where urban, White-hating city creeps get off laughing about rural White America. Hell, many Hollywood movie scripts revolve around the same thing.
And sure, the White Duck brothers are sucking on the big tit, too.
Me not watching “Duck Dynasty” might surprise a few people out here in the “real world,” considering how much I like hunting and fishing, as well as NASCAR, guns, camouflage, moonshine (when I can get it), etc. etc. I once actually lived near where one of these redneck reality shows was videotaped (filmed is definitely not the right word). The whole show, BTW, was a big bunch of malarkey, but that story will have to wait.
This past Friday night, Chris Matthews on MSNBC was talking about all this Duck Dynasty BS and had the unbelievable nerve to say he didn’t know what “PC” or “politically correct” even meant, or where the term came from – acting like it didn’t really exist and was simply made up by all us “far-right extremist hater types.” What a disingenuous lying pig. God, I can’t stand that SOB!
On the flip side, all this brouhaha may even be a bunch of drummed up crap in the first place. Huh? Yep, these media Jews create all sorts of phony hoopla to stoke up interest in their crappy broadcasting. Hell, there’s no telling what’s real or what isn’t anymore. One thing for sure, is that “PC” is definitely a fact of social life among us little people out here — regardless of what that puffed-up libtard Matthews has to say.
America: Haven’t you had the least sneaking suspicion by now, that a third party is at work in today’s America? Maybe, just maybe, there’s something else going on here besides all the Lefty versus Righty crap? And that certain people out there wants you, the American general public, the silent majority, the unwashed masses, the hoi-polloi proletariat, to subscribe to one side or the other?
For example: Some so-called “patriotic” Americans coming here might make the mistake of thinking old INCOG is a big lefty traitor guy and all, since I give the state of Israel — our “special little ally” – so much hell, but let me tell you, that’s simply a huge crock of crapola, too.
Back in the day, our founding fathers (all those dead old White guys wearing powdered wigs), didn’t want us to suck up to any foreign powers and do their bidding, quite possibly at the detriment of our own nation. These absolutely brilliant White men knew a thing or two about the real deal.
And I will readily admit that all this (at the time) was a Britain versus France thing. The Frenchie lovers didn’t really so much love France per se, like in tasty dining sauces or bow-legged French mademoiselles, but were for something called “egalitarianism.” Basically, they were against the hoity-toity Monarchists, who outlawed things us regular guys dig — like hunting in the woods for deer and making corn likker without having to give the fat cats a cut in the action.
The Brit lovers were indeed English people who still had an affection for where their grandpappys hailed from — even though they might hate that crazy King George bastard and his lackeys for sticking it to us all the time with ridiculous taxation schemes (meant to pay off the debt from the French and Indian wars), or forcing regular citizenry to allow dirty, farting redcoat soldiers to sleep in our homes while out marching around the countryside, etc., etc.
Now a lot of us so-called “anti-Semites” make a big deal about all the Jews working through-out the media (including me), but the real truth of the matter is that this is only a part of the over-all equation. After-all, these embedded Jews can’t be part of some vast, complicated and secret conspiracy like they laughingly say about us thinking.
Say what, COG MAN? What I’m saying here, is that a bigger, much more devious and effective cloaking device has been created by these people that mentally ensnares the White race, keeping us silent and in check, while gradually whittling down our political and racial power over the course of time.
Yes, it’s all part and parcel to being “politically correct” or “PC.” This keeps us White people from openly talking about a whole range of issues that affects our race. “They,” or the “powers that be” needn’t rely on punky-ass commie political commissars and secret police everywhere to enforce the mandated doctrines. At least not yet.
Another recent term that has come into vogue for PC is “Cultural Marxism,” but this also includes a wide variety of anti-Christian efforts. But “they” really want us to have a mental separation between loving blacks, Jews and homos, versus stifling Jesus worship so we don’t get too wise to the long-running agenda going down.
“PC” is indeed quite diabolical. Sure, I do love that word a lot, but it really sums up the PC blinders put on our race when you step back and look at the big picture.
“Insidious,” is another good adjective I use sometimes, too. After-all, PC does not require any physical, real world, infrastructure (other than money spent in media and education) and is self-perpetuating. Basically, it uses each of us to police ourselves.
Let’s say you consider yourself one of the “good guys.” Like most Americans, you don’t like seeing “powerless” people treated like dirt. Hell, you’re half-way there, for the over-all brainwashing strategy to work.
Now, this PC brainwashing is ostensibly to protect the “oppressed” blacks and supposed non-Whites (“people of color”) like Hispanics — which is totally bogus since people of Spanish descent are really Caucasian Whites too. What they are really doing is conflating Spanish of the Western Hemisphere with the Mestizos, who are an Indian race, more or less bastardized by Spanish and Negro blood. That’s why I make efforts at distinction of Mestizos here on my site because I actually like Spanish people, especially the sultry babes.
I first learned of these differences from my high school Spanish teacher. She was a pissy old drunk Havana aristocrat who barely escaped Castro’s takeover of Cuba. As I recall her telling me, several members of her family met gruesome deaths at the hands of commie Fidel and his murderous biker bud, Che Guevara.
But it’s not just race, either. Us evil old White people also sometimes hate the Jews enough to go on what they called “pograms.” This is where Whites went haywire in Russia and rode horses into Jewish weddings, breaking the expensive china the poor Jews saved their rubles for years, broke all the windows in synagogues, and dragged hapless bearded Jews by rope through the muddy streets while laughing drunkenly. And it was only because we thought they killed baby Jesus or something.
All of which was BS, since Gentiles in Russia had become totally sick and tired of rich Jewry screwing them over (since the Czar emancipated them); plus Christian-hating commie and anarchist little Jews were out robbing and bombing anything to do with the Romanov orthodox Christian monarchy. For about a century, Khazar Jews (not the Israelites of the bible) worked hard to take over Russia as a race, while at the same time, selfish, greedy business Jews were raping the country. Sound familiar?
Basically, PC is a media-installed social taboo and psyops program, that the Globalist Jews have set up in the White countries of the West to protect themselves from the surrounding population of non-Jews (more in the next installment), while they set up their race in control of our countries and actually use our labors to pay for our own race’s destruction.
I did say it was all pretty GD diabolical, didn’t I?
Whether the Jews are a separate race or just a religion is something a lot of people have pointlessly long argued about. Most Jews today are not at all religious people. Far from it, actually. Yet they often paint themselves as a racial minority to other minorities, even though they have White skin. Regular White people don’t know of this double face act and only go by what they see, thinking Jews are fellow Whites too.
The next victim class is the Homos. Because of the sex part, this also includes the Gender-benders — who might be homos or might not. It’s real confusing because of what they have betwixt their legs and who they like to sleep with. Seems you can be a male, who likes to dress like a female, but sleeps with lesbian women – which would kind of make both straight, at least technically, anyhow. But then again, I don’t know much of the “intimate” details since I’m not too keen on learning what these freaks get off on.
Now homos are nasty, narcissistic people. They get sick thrills one upping themselves in the nasty department. That’s why things always get sicker and sicker with this bunch (if you look close enough, you’ll find it easily).
PC expects us to picture homos as nice, normal, pleasant folks– wearing flannel shirts and corduroys – maybe married and living next door in suburbia with a pet Golden retriever. The reality is probably more like rubber suits, spiked collars and a German shepherd — well-trained for some really foul weekend crap.
There is so much unbelievably sick, depraved crap out there (cross dressers are the least of it), that most decent White people are clueless. Or more accurately: Regular White people just don’t want to know. A lot like the control Zionist Jewry has over America – THEY JUST DON’T WANT TO GD KNOW!
No one says you have to “hate the homos” just because the “change agents” think and say you do, even if you’re disgusted with how the pervs get off. Hell, the homo part is but a blip in the bigger picture of our race’s destruction at the hands of the stinking Jews.
What they want is to control us White people, keep us silent and intimidated as they continue using America in fashioning Global Governance (NWO), while at the same time gradually turn our race into a disenfranchised minority in our own lands.
– Phillip Marlowe

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  1. A long but quite interesting post here. Phil Robertson, the patriarch of the too-popular-for-the-likes-of-the-Jewish-media-moguls TV show, "Duck Dynasty," says it all...upsets every apple in the Kosher applecart. Robertson, whose country cornpone appearance suggests an ignorant, backward actually an intelligent, informed man, much to the secret chagrin of the Jewish media that hosts his popular, loved-by-millions show. The Jewish media moguls would dearly love to rid themselves of Robertson and his Christ-loving ilk, but Jews are Jews, and all that matters to them is money, from whatever source. Robertson got into trouble last year for the heinous crime of professing his Christian faith, a deadly crime for which he and his show were almost taken off the air. But literally millions of Christians protested the Jews' effort, and Robertson and his G-rated show prevailed. Although the Jewish media, especially TV and Hollywood-based gutter films have enthralled the attention of the world public for many years..."Duck Dynasty" remains one of the most popular shows on unmistakable sign that pure...Christian values...still sell in the viewing marketplace of America and, in fact...the white nations of white Western Europe. Again, the abjectly morally debased Jews who control the world-wide media hate this fact...and hate Robertson and his Christian message promulgated by his show. But money is money, and when and where there is money to be made the Jews care not whence it comes. Semper I Dem...always the same. Yes, the Jews, throughout history...always the same...