Friday, December 27, 2013

Hundreds of black teens riot at mall in Brooklyn

Hundreds of black teens riot at mall in Brooklyn

Hundreds of black teenagers celebrated Christmas by rioting at the River City Marketplace in Jacksonville, FL. Thugs stormed a movie theater and attacked a security guard and movie goers. Others battled each other and jumped on cars in the parking lot.
Then, one day after Christmas another mob of hundreds of black teenagers rioted inside the Kings Plaza mall in Brooklyn. They attacked pedestrians, security guards, looted stores, and even fought each other. The media, of course, is censoring all mention of race.
The New York Post reports that “knockout” attacks occurred during the rioting. This is a media euphemism for racial hate crime attacks.
Store began rolling down metal gates when the rioting started. The entire mall was cleared and shut down for hours. The riot was pre-planned on twitter and Facebook. Black thugs posted messages urging each other to rush to the mall for a mass looting. After the violence, thugs boasted of their victory on twitter. At least one thug boasted of breaking windows on a public bus after being ejected from the mall.
Mall security estimates that 400-500 thugs participated in the rioting.
Both riots are minor local stories. If the perps were white people, these would be the biggest news stories in the America right now.
Police say four hundred people were involved in the rioting.


  1. These apes need to be sent where they belong... BACK TO AFRICA!

  2. Anyone commenting here, make sure you also go to and let others know about it. We need to act together, at least mentally, first, and need to restrain our tendency to be individualistic. There is no more time for that if we are not also going to each make an effort to alert whites we meet of the situation. Angelo John Gage can be found on youtube, and is a part of thewhitevocie. Joe Adams of NYC is the head of it - John King of Indiana is part of it, too, as are others. Joe is in his early 20's and has published a book, Murdering Multiculturalism that comes HIGHLY recommended. Go to the site; spread the word about it, and this site.

  3. Wake up whites worlwide. We need to unite against multiculturalism.