Friday, November 22, 2013

Why is alleged white on black name-calling at California University a national news story?

Racially motivated black on white crimes occur daily in the United States. Racially motivated mob attacks on whites and other non-black victims, by black mobs are commonplace in dozens of cities. The media has been censoring and/or downplaying this violence for decades. It is getting so bad that we are seeing the damn burst. It can no longer be ignored as it has in the past. So the “mainstream” media is looking for any alleged white on black crime to hype as a counter. Suddenly a black man being called a name gets more publicity than several black on white murders put together. “Racist graffiti” which often turns out to be hoax, gets more publicity than a dozen racially motivated mob beating put together. Now the media is hyping a highly suspicious case of alleged “white on black “racial bullying at San Jose University. It has suddenly become the biggest news story in California and is receiving national coverage on CNN and ABC National News. According to media, a black student was harassed and bullied him for two and a half months by three white dorm-mates. Four other whites dorm-mates didn’t participate, but never “stood up for the black student.” The black student did not even report the alleged bullying to the University. His parents did. They claim they visited him and saw a racial slur written on a white board in the dorm room. The same racial slur that is used daily by young blacks and in thousands of rap songs. Other Freshman students on the same floor say they were not aware of any racial bullying. Let’s forget, for a moment, that the media never bats an eye when whites are being bullied by blacks. There are some other highly suspicious things about this claims. San Jose University is only 25% white. However, this randomly assigned freshman suit somehow managed to get 7 whites out of 8 potential residents. That is 88% white! The University is 34% Asian, 38% Latino, and 3% Black. Do you think the media is lying about the race of some of the seven non-black residents of the eight person suite? Anyone who has ever lived in a college dormitory knows that it is normal for male roommates to playfully refer to each other using otherwise offensive terms. This is especially true during the freshman year. The whole story seems big on hype, but little on substance. Meanwhile, all across the America, white children are being brutally beaten on school buses and playgrounds by groups of blacks. Whites and Asians are being targeted for brutal racial mob beatings at parks and bus stops, solely because of the color of their skins. Over twenty thousand white females are raped by black males every year. All of these are hush crimes. They are to be censored and swept under the rug. In the alleged San Jose bullying case, three white students have been charged with a hate crime. There are many cases of black perpetrators beating a white victims, while screaming racial slurs, and the prosecutors refused to file hate crimes charges. The application of the “hate crimes” charge is the most lopsided of any criminal charge there is.

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