Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Two dead in hate crime spree killing in Greenwood, South Carolina

Two dead in hate crime spree killing in Greenwood, South Carolina Two different young white females were found shot to death in a hotel room in Greenwood, South Carolina. One of the victims was checked into a room at the hotel, but not the room her body was found in. A lone black male has been arrested for both murders.
It is still unclear what happened. The suspect allegedly told a friend about the murders and that person called police. If the races had been reversed, this would be a national news story. Since it was a black on white double murder, it will be swept under the rug by media.
FOX Carolina 21 Motel victim's father talks about motel double homicide arrest01:55


  1. Black-on-white crimes committed by murderous blacks against innocent whites are nothing new...they have been occurring for years, as has the Jewish media's suppression of the news of them. What will it take to cause naïve and unwary whites to awaken to these deadly dynamics??

  2. It seemed like their was some underlying reason for why those two white girls were in that motel room. Were they waiting on this black to buy drugs and or doing drugs with the black; I guess we'll never know but the father of the one white girl didn't seem all that surprised nor shocked! Regardless, multiculturalism leads to destruction. 14

  3. they were both were known crack hoes. sad that they have to die like that. that dude must got pissed for them smoking his last rock.