Sunday, November 3, 2013

TN State Sen. Frank Niceley stands up to the SPLC
They huffed and puffed … and for the second time in three months, an elected official has defied the SPLC and its allies in the Mainstream Media.
In this case, Tennessee State Sen. Frank Niceley stood firm and followed through on his decision to address the Southern National Congress. State Rep. Judd Matheny was also scheduled to speak at the conference, but lost his nerve after he was exposed by the media. The sharks continue to circle him.
Sen. Niceley went further and told The Tennessean that he agreed the Southern states might one day need to secede and form an independent nation:
“He agrees with the group’s idea that the South might one day be its own nation, like each of the 13 colonies after the American Revolution.
“They delegated a little power to central government. When that fails, we go back to being independent nations,” he said. “We could team up with New Jersey and Oregon if we wanted to.”
Even better, Sen. Niceley has been attacking the SPLC on Twitter. He drew attention to the fact that the SPLC created the “climate of hate” which inspired Floyd Corkins’ domestic terrorist attack on the Family Research Council.


  1. How can a state succeed when Obango is president? It gives good reason to though.

    1. Kudos, accolades, congratulations to Tennessee State Senator Frank Niceley for standing up to the Jewish-run Southern "Poverty" Law Center ( SPLC ) based in Montgomery, Ala. The SPLC is nothing more than a wing of the American Communist Party, a cabal of gentile-hating Jews whose objective is to destroy white gentile society.

  2. Attorney Morris Dees ( sleaze ) is one of the founders of the SPLC, the Southern "Poverty" Law Center based in Mongomery, Ala. Dees has ducked into hiding in recent years, perhaps as a result of his exposure as a pediophile as documented in the divorce decree filed by his first wife who alleged that he ( Dees ) had a habit of spying on his 16-year-old step-daughter while she took showers. The REAL behind-the-scenes operator of the SPLC is the Jew, Richard Cohen. The mouthpiece of this wicked, anti-gentile and anti-American organization is Mark Potok, a homosexual-looking columnist for the SPLC's quarterly publication, "The Intelligence Report." The SPLC has in recent years come under increased scrutiny by such "Right Wing" luminaries as Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck and Sean Hannity, as well as other radio talk show hosts. The SPLC, despite its efforts to remain a credible news source in the arena of public daily and nightly losing its erstwhile credibility. The Truth, so the sages say, will out...and the truth of the vile nature of the SPLC and its Jew-inspired, anti-white, homosexual-agenda-advancing initiatives will, in time, out. The SPLC is a fraudulent organization, to be sure, as are its officers. The SPLC, while claiming to be the champion of...the voice of...the oppressed minority in reality a cynical exploiter of the them. When the SPLC sues a white-oriented organization that is alleged to have abused minority is the SPLC that pockets the proceeds of the judgment, not the "oppressed" clients for whom it purportedly works. Again, the SPLC is a fake, a fraud, a phony. The three "gentlemen" of the SPLC mentioned above have grown wealthy on the backs of the clients they ostensibly represent. For shame, for shame. But then, this wicked and venal Jew-established "minority rights" organization is increasinly being revealed as the self-serving and self-perpetuating fraud that it is and has always been.