Tuesday, November 12, 2013

St.Cloud Thug slapped on the wrist for a racially motivated murder

St. Cloud thug slapped on the wrist for notorious racially motivated murder

If the races were reversed, this would be one of the biggest news stories in the USA right now.
Jesse Smithers, a seventeen year old black male, attacked and killed a white college student in St. Cloud, Minnesota in 2012. He was simply looking to cause great bodily harm to any random white person. Smithers was part of a group of five to seven black teens who were menacing two white females with their car. Colton R. Gleaso came to the aid of the women . Gleaso was attacked and fatally wounded when he hit his head on the concrete.
His murder is a textbook “hate crime,” yet since he is white the media won’t call it that. His asinine plea bargain was a tiny blip in the local news, and most media outlets censored all mention of race. None of the local media are even printing the whole story. There is no mention of his accomplices or the other victims. If the races were reversed, the same media outlets would be writing detailed accounts and screaming “hate crime” from the highest mountain tops.
When the murder first took place, a few media outlets called Gleaso “a hero,” but censored the description of the dangerous at large perpetrators.
Smither’s was certified to stand trial as an adult. However, prosecutors offered him a slap on the wrist plea deal. In exchange for pleading guilty, they would only charge him with 2nd degree manslaughter and request a sentence of only ten years. If he is only sentenced to ten years, that means he could be out in as little as five or six. He pleaded guilty on Friday, November 8th.

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