Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Public Education=Government Indoctrination

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  1. The ideology of Marxism has existed since its progenitor, Karl Marx, made his first deadly bow on the world stage in the mid 19th century. A Jew, Marx was born in 1818 in the western part of Prussia, a once independent state in eastern Europe. His family lineage consisted of a long line of Talmudic scholars, and he was the grandson of an eminent Rabbi of his time. Marx's seminal didactic tomes, "Das Kapital" and his abstruse and ill-written "The Communist Manifesto" laid the ideological foundation for the murderous communist regimes that would follow in the wake of the publication of these books, regimes that in their time would murder... via mass executions and the agonizing, slow death by starvation of innocent men, women and children...literally hundreds of millions of defenseless people if the concomitant regime of the Chinese despot Mao-Tse-Tung is counted into the equation. When Marx was finally summoned to hell by his Master, Satan, in 1883, he had fulfilled his Master's appointed commission to seek to crush with the Iron Fist of oppressive government the inherently freedom-loving human spirit of Humanity. The incondite writings of this savage Jewish madman, Marx, were the impetus for the subsequent emergence of the U.S.S.R., the Union of Socialist Soviet Republics that, after the Jewish instigated and led "Russian Revolution" of October, 1917 ushered in the dictatorship of the equally mad, brutal and murderous Josef Stalin, in his youth an aspiring priest. The madman Stalin, along with his cadre of 382 "People's Commissars," over 300 of them Jewish...went on to murder... by various unspeakable means... almost 100 million innocent and defenseless men, women and children. But these ineffably evil events occurred many years ago, and the hapless victims of the unspeakable crimes that happened during those demonic times are long dead and will never be seen nor heard from again. Nor will the foul events that caused their suffering and death ever be seen again in this now more enlightened world. Or will they? Even now, as this writer types these words...a communist occupies the highest, most powerful office in the world...the presidency of the United States of America... a man known by only a small cabal of alien world elites. And the Obamanation sits on his throne, the scepter of world power grasped in his hand, and the ancient blood enemies of Mankind whisper in his ear...