Saturday, November 2, 2013

Pregnant woman stabbed repeatedly while video chatting with husband in the military

Corey Bernard Moss, a Fort Bliss man, has been accused of stabbing Rachel Poole, a 31-year-old pregnant woman, in El Paso, Texas.
Poole was attacked while on video chat with her husband Justin Pele Poole, who is in the army and is overseas.
Pele Poole heard the entire struggle.
Police say Moss attacked Rachel Poole inside of her home, on the 4900 block of Wichita.
Moss allegedly stabbed her multiple times.
The victim was taken to University Medical Center in critical condition, having suffered several fractures from the stabbings.
Police say that Moss owed the woman money for vehicle repairs, reported KFOX.
Moss is charged with capital murder and had his bail set at $60,000.
Poole recognized Moss during the attack and started screaming his name to her husband over the phone, according to the affadavit of the situation.
Pele Poole, he husband, called coworkers of Moss, who found the knife used in the attack inside of the same vehicle Moss was picked up in.
Fort Bliss military police arrested Moss and handed him over to El Paso police.
Moss admitted stabbing and beating Poole, police say.

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