Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Police State Horror: NM man subjected to three forced enemas and colonoscopy for running stop sign

http://topconservativenews.com/2013/11/police-state-horror-nm-man-subjected-to-three-forced-enemas-and-colonoscopy-for-running-stop-sign/        Demming, NM police force.                       

A New Mexico man was pulled over by police for failing to come to a complete stop at a stop sign. For the next fourteen hours he was held prisoner and subjected to what can only be described as anal torture.
The victim was subjected to x-rays and repeated cavity searches. Then three separate forced enemas. Then he was sedated and given a colonoscopy. All because the officer said he “clenched” his butt. The officer falsely accused the man of having narcotics hidden in his anus. Nothing was every found.
After initially detaining the man, police obtained a search warrant to do a cavity search. However, they violated numerous terms of the warrant. The specific details are too gross to even publish on a family friendly website like this one. The police department responsible is the Demming, NM police force. Demming is a small New Mexico town of about 15,000 people.

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  1. This is a most disturbing, detestable, deplorable story. And all sane, right-minded Americans should be disgusted by it...because this incident did not ccur in the totalitarian "People's Paradise" that once was the now-defunct Police State that was the Soviet Union, nor did it occur in any other country in which the citizens are serfs of the state. This incident occurred here, in Amerca. A man, as yet unnamed, was pulled over by a police officer from the Demming, N.M. police department after driving from a local Wal-Mart store. According to the arresting officer, the man had run a stop sign. Perhaps he did, perhaps he didn't. The events that happened next...for the next 14 hours, though...should not happen to any citizen of the "free" republic of America, nor to ANY free citizen of ANY free nation. This post will be continued at a later time...after the scumbag hackers who