Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Off duty NJ cop says racial slur justified killing man

Compare the media’s treatment of Joseph Walker to that of George Zimmerman. Walker shot a white man for supposedly yelling a racial slur at him and claims it was justifiable self-defense. The story is a blip in the news and the media is sympathetic to Walker and portrays him in the most positive light.
A black New Jersey cop facing a possible life sentence for the racially charged road-rage slaying of a white driver told The Post in his first extensive interview that he was protecting his family and, “I know the law is on my side.’’
Joseph Walker, 40, an 18-year veteran assigned to the Hudson County Prosecutor’s Office, fatally shot Joseph Harvey, 36, during a confrontation on June 8 on I-97, just south of Baltimore.
Walker, of Eastampton, NJ, was driving a Kia minivan carrying wife Marie and their three young kids. Harvey was in a green Honda Accord carrying one person.Walker cut Harvey off when both vehicles tried to make a left turn at the same place.
The two drivers exchanged angry words as their cars swerved around each other on the shoulder of the road.
Both eventually came to a halt, and Harvey, an unmarried truck driver, allegedly shouted racial epithets as he approached the officer’s van.
Walker fired several shots from six to 12 feet away at Harvey, who was unarmed.
Walker was charged with murder and is free on $1 million bail. He was suspended from his job without pay.
“Emotionally, it rocked me,’’ he said. “I’ve spent my life trying to protect and serve. I can’t describe how emotionally devastating it’s been.
“I am a dedicated law-enforcement professional, someone who, when I come home from work, takes off his tie and roughhouses with his son and plays with dolls and has tea parties with his daughters.
“I help my 10-year-old daughter with her homework, then I sit down and watch television with my wife.”


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