Friday, November 8, 2013

Norway rocked by hate crime murder of 19 year old girl
As we reported earlier an illegal alien from the Sudan stabbed three Norwegians to death on a bus travelling to Lilyhammer, Norway. It was the second time in ten years that an illegal alien from Africa went on a stabbing spree on the same bus route. The perpetrator was scheduled to be deported one day after the triple murder took place. It is presumed that he wanted to kill Norwegians to retaliate for his scheduled deportation.

One of the victims has captured the hearts of the Norwegian people. She was only 19. A Facebook memorial page for her has over 80k likes already. Her name is Margaret Molland Sanden.
The other two victims are a couple in their fifties. Unfortunately we are unable to find their names or pictures at this time. The far-left Norwegian media has been reporting as little as possible.
If it wasn’t for an outpouring of support on social media, we wouldn’t know about Margaret.

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