Sunday, November 24, 2013

Monticello, NY Mayor Gordon Jenkins spews anti-white racial slurs on video

Monticello, NY Mayor Gordon Jenkins spews anti-white racial slurs on video

Monticello, NY Mayor Gordon Jenkins was arrested on November 16th. He was charged with traffic offenses, drunken driving, refusing the breathalyzer, and criminal mischief for punching a clock in the police station.
While at the police station he berates police officers with racial abuse and spews racial slurs non-stop. He also berates a ranking black officer as being a race traitor for not letting him go free.
Mayor Gordon Jenkins is actively involved in Mayors against firearms, and is the former head of the Sullivan County NAACP.
In 2011, the same mayor plead guilty to five counts of selling counterfeit Nike shoes in a store he owns. He sold the fakes during 2009 and 2010. The name of his store is “G-Man Beauty Supplies.”
The media is only reporting that he shouts “obscenities.” If he had been a white man, the media treated would be dramatically different.

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  1. A most informative...and Gordon Jenkins, the black mayor of Monticello, N.Y., is in police custody after having been arrested for D.U.I. while weaving about the streets of the city he heads. The audio-video captures and records Jenkins's racist rants directed against both the black and white police officers who are holding him for questioning. Jenkins, obviously a rabid racist...a BLACK racist...inveighs against the officers. He calls the black officer an Uncle Tom and a "sell-out," and verbally assaults him with other racist invective. Jenkins's choice vitriol, though, is directed toward the "white-cracker mother-f...ers for whom the black officer works. Jenkins is obviously a black racist who hates whites, although white liberals continue to insist that black racism does not exist. Jenkins is a former head of the Sullivan County, N.Y. NAACP. The fact that this rabid, white-hating black racist was elected mayor of an American city reveals the double-standard that persists in this country. If Jenkins were a racist white man he could not possibly have been elected mayor of ANY city in politically correct America. Jenkins is lucky that he's a black man. If he were a racist white man the cops would have applied their rubber hoses to his face and body, or he would have "fallen down some stairs," the modus operendi of police departments throughout America. The "mainstream" media has not covered this story, which is ITS modus operendi. The mainstream media...i.e., the Jew media...does not...WILL on any story in which a black person or other minority is the perpetrator, no matter how heinous the crime he or she commits. This detestable dynamic makes sense when one considers the stark reality that the Jew media is NOT a fair, balanced or objective source of information but, rather, a source of Dis-information...i.e.,...deceitful, deceptive, disingenuous propaganda...propaganda that inculcates naïve Americans with the false impression that blacks, nor other minorities...cannot be racist. This is a blatant and egregious lie, of course, yet the masses of dumbed-down Americans white Americans believe it. This is why the white race in America and in Europe is a moribund race...a dead race walking. A race hurtling toward its own willful destruction.