Sunday, November 24, 2013

Leftist New Yorker attacked in racially motivated hate crime. Denies it was racial.

Leftist New Yorker attacked in racially motivated hate crime. Denies it was racial.

Shmuel Perl, is the latest victim of a string of racially motivated attacks in the Crown Heights area of Brooklyn. Even the left-wing media outlets in NYC have been forced to admit that the attacks are racially motivated attacks perpetrated by young blacks.
Yet Perl refuses to say that his attackers were black and claims “they could by any race.” Perl is another example of someone warped by Cultural Marxism. Even when the truth walks up to him and punches him in the face, he refuses to admit it.
In this part of town, the black mobs often target elderly and/or people in Orthodox Jewish religious garb. The thugs view these groups as unlikely to fight back. Racially motivated black on Jewish crime is so rampant in this neighborhood, that the Orthodox Jews have their own highly sophisticated neighborhood watch called the Shomrim.
There is also a long history of black racial leaders, of which Al Sharpton is the most famous, who have incited blacks to hate the Jewish community in Crown Heights. There have been many high profile racially motivated crimes, including the notorious Frankie Fashion Mart massacre and the Crown Heights riot.
The Crown Heights Shomrim is largely the result of the 1991 Crown Heights riot, in which mobs of young blacks attacked Jews at random. Today the Shomrim have two mobile command centers and marked patrol cars. Black race hustlers in NYC routinely call the Shomrim “racist.” There is even an entire website dedicated to “exposing” the members of Shomrim and claiming they are violent “racists” that target blacks and Latinos.
Perl refers to the Orthodox Jewish neighborhood program as the first people he called after being attacked.
The Crown Heights Shomrim, an Orthodox Jewish Neighborhood Watch, apprehends a thug. Photo is from an unrelated crime story.

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  1. Literally laughing out loud!! Shmuel Perl, a young Jewish man, was the hapless victim of the "Knockout Games," a "game" played by young black males against unsuspecting citizens in cities throughout America. There is a bizarre twist to this story, though. Although Perl identified his attacker as a black male, he nonetheless said that these savage attackers "Could be any race." What?? This writer has known for years that whites have become increasingly brainwashed by the Jew media to believe that only whites can be racist...have become increasingly stupid. But a stupid and brainwashed JEW?? Huh!! And the Jews consider themselves to be smarter than those of every other race. Laughing, laughing...