Friday, November 22, 2013

Laura Ingraham talks about racial mob attacks on FOX News

Acting as Bill O’Reilly’s substitute, Laura Ingraham slams the media for covering up racially motivated mob attacks by blacks. Laura Ingraham does what Bill O’Reilly was afraid to do on Monday. Forcefully and honestly speak out against the epidemic of racially motivate black on white mob violence. On Monday, O’Reilly said he wasn’t sure if the attacks were racial. O’Reilly sat on the sideline while using Bernie Goldberg as his proxy to talk about the issue.

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  1. Vicious and racially motivated attacks on whites by swarming mobs of savage, out-of-control black thugs are an increasing phenomenon in America and in many formerly safe countries in Europe. These black-on-white assaults, many of them deadly...are the Jewish media. But of course, knowledgeable whites know that the Jew media has, since the 1960s to the present...practiced a fervently...rabidly...hateful...anti-white gentile agenda. Many if not most Jews...particularly Zionist Jews...hate all gentiles ( goyim )...especially WHITE gentiles, gentiles whom they perceive to be their main obstacle to their ancient quest for the domination of the world and her various peoples. A DNA-based, blood hatred of all non-Jews, if you will: A blood hatred of people whom they consider to be inferior to them in all ways. This racial supremacist, demonically inspired mindset is most manifest in one of their "holy" books, the Babylonian Talmud, a debased, semi-pornographic book that crosses the pale of instructing Jewish men that it is permissible to sexually defile a gentile girl over three years of age. SICK!! This same book also preaches that "Even the best of the gentiles should be killed," and that God created gentiles to serve the Jews, and many other hateful and racist, Jewish supremacist statements. The main and most effective weapon the Jews have deployed against the gentile population in America and in other white gentile countries is their almost exclusive iron grip on the media, the organ of mass information and disinformation. The Jews' far-reaching media influence has taught gentiles world-wide how and what to think. How to act. How to conduct themselves. The black population of America and in white European countries have been especially influenced by this media...hence the ever-increasing phenomenon of black-on-white mob attacks on whites, the robberies, rapes and murders of whites. The gentile-hating Jew media...