Thursday, November 21, 2013

Huffington Post runs fake story claiming a black man invented the traffic light.

It is not even black history month and the Huffington Post felt the need to publish a completely fake story claiming that a black man invented the first modern three signal traffic light. In the past this false claim has been presented as “a black man invented the traffic light.” Since people have been debunking that claim for years, the Huffington Post added a new twist. The Huffington Post admits that the traffic light was already in use. However, they claim Garret Morgan, a black sewing machine repairman, invented the first modern traffic light with an intermediate signal in between stop and go. Like all “black invention myth” claims, the Huffington Post offered no evidence whatsoever to back this claim. A simple five second search on Google can easily disprove their hoax. Huffington Post even faked the name on the patent. The US Patent Office lists the patent name as “traffic signal,” but the Huffington Post calls it “traffic light signal.” Garret Morgan did patent his own version of a traffic signal in 1923. However, it was not the first three signal light. It was not even a three color traffic light. It was not a traffic light at all. It was a lighted stop sign with arms that moved when an operator turned a crank. The moving stop sign had three positions. Stop, go, and all stop. It does not have an intermediate signal between stop and go as the Huffigton Post falsely claims. Completely stand alone automated three color traffic lights were already in use in Houston, Texas when Morgan received his patent. The design patented by Morgan had nothing to do with the modern traffic light. The traffic signal designed by Morgan was already totally obsolete when Morgan patented it. It was not commercially successful, and contributed nothing to the traffic light industry. When Morgan received his patent, there were already over fifty traffic signals of numerous types patented in the US alone, and more in Europe. Many of these other patents included a third intermediate signal. The first manual traffic signals were installed in front of the British parliament in 1868. The first manually operated electric traffic signal using light bulbs and two different colors was invented by Lester Wire in 1912. The man who first added a third light, calling on drivers to slow down, was William Potts in 1920. The first unmanned, fully automatic three color traffic lights were unveiled in Houston, Texas in 1922. The manual traffic signal patented by Garret Morgan in 1923 would have been dramatically inferior to the units already in use in Houston. At the end of the article the Huffington Post says Morgan invented the gasmask. The gasmask was invented by Scottish chemist John Stenhouse in 1854. Several kinds of gasmasks were already in commercial production before Garret Morgan was even born! Huffington Post also credits Morgan with inventing his own hair dye and comb. Obvious combs and hair dyes have been around for thousands of years. He simply tweaked his own version of hair products to be marketed specifically to the black community. The Huffington Post is a total fraud. Most of you reading this already knew that.

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