Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Female thug attacks elderly Florida man in racial hate crime

Hate CrimesFemale thug attacks elderly Florida man in racial hate crime

A black teenage female was arrested for the random attack on an elderly white man in Fort Myers, Florida. The local NBC station called it a “knockout game” attack, which is a euphemisms for black racial violence. WBBH News for Fort Myers, Cape Coral


  1. Replies
    1. These increasing random and senseless black-on-white crimes are becoming increasingly common, old news. America's negroes who hate America and do not appreciate the innumerable blessings bestowed upon them here are, instead of being appreciative of the countless blessings, amenities and luxuries they enjoy here, the largesse of the white man, have become increasingly resentful of the people who feed them and provide them with jobs for which they are not qualified. Again, the largesse of the white man. These People of the Jungle can never be satisfied, because they are an inherently unappreciative, violent people, People of the savage jungle...

  2. This cowardly nignog attacked elderly white people, soft targets. Of course, Jews and white liberals will contrive innumerable excuses for the actions of these black thugs. This writer wishes that this nignog had attacked me. Her body would now be lying in a ditch...

  3. Law-enforcement officials throughout America have become increasingly politically correct...increasingly feminized. It's a wonder that the cops...vaginas between their legs...had the boldness...the arrest this black thug. The cops in America...especially the pussy-ass white cops...are terrified of blacks. The cops here in Amerika would watch while black thugs raped their mothers...then apologize if their mother resisted the attack...