Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Exclusive: Teacher calls parent a 'neo-nazi' after he challenged indoctrination


Teacher accuses parent of being a 'neo nazi' and a 'tea party right wing'Josh Barry, the parent of an eighth grader at the East Pennsboro Area School District in Camp Hill, Pennsylvania, told the Examiner that an assignment his eldest daughter brought home from school was clear politicalindoctrination.
After expressing his concerns to the school, a teacher he had never met contacted a mutual friend from Facebook and spoke disparagingly about the dedicated dad.
It all started when Barry, a vigilant parent, reviewed his daughter's paperwork and was shocked to see a highly political assignment citing a New York Times article that blamed the Republicans for the government "shutdown," along with a worksheetthat accompanied the article.
The worksheet asked in part,
"Whom do you hold most responsible for the government shutdown?"
"Do you feel it is principled or irresponsible, for politicians to threaten a shutdown?"
Josh said,
"I was immediately disturbed by the slanted view on the topic as well as the amount of information that was left out of the article that was relevant to the discussion."
Mr. Barry contacted his daughter's American History teacher via email, and copied the school board.
He wrote in part,
"It is safe to say I am less than pleased with your non objective approach to education when it pertains to current political discussions in the classroom....Questions on your worksheet are pre-loaded with politically ideology and pre-loaded with incorrect premises."
The American History teacher, Darin Yoder, responded in part,
"...The objective was not to promote any political agenda but to work on non-fiction reading skills. The article we used was a non-fiction article from the New York Times. The no-fiction [sic] skills were apparent in the article and the lesson. We allowed all students to share what they know about the government..."
After this dad responded to Mr. Yoder, the principal, Mr. Andrejack contacted Mr. Barry to schedule an appointment to discuss the situation. The principal said in part to Mr. Barry,
"As a parent myself who raised 4 boys, I take great offense to what you said."
Clearly, the principal was not happy. But at least they were working on a solution.
Enter teacher Cydnee Cohen, who never met or spoke with Mr. Barry, but works at his daughter's school. She is a mutual friend of one of Josh's Facebook friends, and contacted the friend to presumably get information about Mr. Barry.
Ms. Cohen left a voicemail (click on the video to hear the voicemail) that said in part,
"We're having some problems with a parent in our school district and on his page you are one of his friends...but I would like to know, some of it seems like he is a neo-nazi...call me..."
The mutual friend sent a text (see screenshot) to Cohen, saying that Josh is the "furthest thing" from a neo-nazi, as he is Jewish. Cohen responded, "he is tea party right wing!"
Barry told the Examiner that he is perplexed why Cohen would call him a neo nazi, but speculated that with the political atmosphere, many have a kneejerk reaction to those who believe in limited government and fiscal responsibility.
Mr. Barry's speculation is not without merit, as President Obama, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi and many others have made inaccurate and denigrating comments aimed at the Tea Party.

This story highlights how absurd and how nonintellectual the left-wing is in America. Barry is a Jewish man who is married to a black woman. He objected to his kid being indoctrinated with partisan politics in school. When his concerns were brought to Cyndnee Cohen, the head of the local left-wing teacher’s union, she apparently responded by calling Barry a “neo-Nazi.” Cohen is also Jewish herself.
The far-left believes in their ideology based on religious faith, not facts. However, when it comes to defending their beliefs they can’t even form complete sentences.  All they can do is scream insults to try to demonize their opponent.
“It is safe to say that I am less than pleased with your non-objective approach to education when it pertains to current political discussions in the classroom,” he wrote. “You have a duty to be objective and your information you provided my child was not only grossly slanted but it is incompetently incomplete.”
He pointed out the questions in the lesson were loaded with political ideology and “pre-loaded with incorrect premises.”
The teacher responded by explaining that the lesson was not about politics — it was about literacy.
“The objective was not to promote any political agenda but to work on non-fiction reading skills,” the teacher wrote in an email obtained by Fox News.
Barry was not satisfied with the explanation.
“You will not indoctrinate my child,” he wrote. “If you are going to present articles with a  slant to one side you are morally and ethically required to present the opposing views, to give an opportunity for the student, your captive audience, to come to their own conclusions.”
Barry also reached out to the principal, who defended the teacher’s assignment and allegedly told him The New York Times story was not slanted.
On Friday the story took a bizarre turn.
A friend of Barry’s received a telephone call that he says came from Cydnee Cohen, the president of the East Pennsboro Education Association. Barry’s friend was a mutual friend of Cohen’s.
“We’re having some problems with a parent in our school district,” Cohen allegedly told Barry’s friend. “I would like to know — some of it seems like he’s a neo-Nazi.”

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