Monday, November 25, 2013

CNN finally reports on black racial mob violence

CNN finally reports on black racial mob violence

Former NYPD Detective Harry Houck appeared on the CNN morning show to talk about the “knockout game.” For what was probably the first time ever on CNN, there was actually a franks discussion of black racial mob violence.
Detective Harry Houck refused to downplay the attacks and called on the attackers to be prosecuted with hate crimes charges.
Last week, there were numerous segments on FOX News about the black racial mob violence. Black racial mob violence has been a rapidly growing nationwide phenomenon for the past several years. It is occurring in cities like Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, St. Louis, Chicago, Minneapolis, Milwaukee, Columbia, SC, Cobb County, GA, and many more places.
The term “knockout game” appears to have been an invention of the St. Louis media about two years ago. It was one of numerous regional euphemisms being used in the media to downplay hate crime mob violence perpetrated by young blacks. This website has been tracking and reporting on the attacks for many years.


  1. "The whole country except these reporters. "The black lady wants to shut it down immediately" If the national media doesn't report these hate crimes with the fervency that they covered Trayvon Martin. Don't let the black people feel bad about this????? They try to neutralize it. Lol hoping the trend will wear out? or that they run out of white people? They got it down to a system. Lol you can tell who the black person is without even looking at her by her biased comments. Let's not offend the black people. The seem to be more worried about the reflection against blacks than about the victims being beaten or killed.

    1. The "Knockout Games," "games" perpetrated by young black males against innocent and unsuspecting whites....have plagued American cities for years. The Jewish media, though, ignored these black-on-white crimes for all those years... did not report on them. The white victims of these crimes...crimes that would be prosecuted as hate crimes if the roles of the black predators and white victims were reversed...were not deemed to be worthy of media attention or sympathy, much less prosecution by the U.S. Justice Department. But then, the federal Justice Department is headed by Eric Holder, a black appointee of black President Obama. The demonic Jews who control the media, after all...hate gentiles ( goyim ) i.e.,...any non-Jew. The Jews' ancient blood-hatred of white gentiles in particular, though, is especially virulent, although, ironically, many white gentiles insist that the Jews are the Chosen People of God. Irony...bitter irony. Yes, black thugs have played the Knockout Games against whites of both sexes and all ages for years, some victims of which died. No media attention. Recently, though, the black thug-predators have been targeting Jews as victims of their game. This, apparently, is a game changer, for now, after all these years, the Jewish media has finally begun to pay attention to these black racist crimes that now are adversely affecting Jews. Now, after all this time...the Jew media has focused on this deplorable social phenomenon that is now affecting the Jews' kinsmen...

  2. Is it a coincidence that the black women wants to shut down the reporting ofr her people beating and killing white people. She's not concerned about the victims who are white but the perpetrators who are black.