Thursday, November 14, 2013

Chicago rocked by triple gang rape.

Chicago rocked by triple gang rape

In Chicago, this week, the ninth and likely final suspect was arrested in relation to an incident which took place in October. The suspects, a gang of black youths, are charged with kidnapping, rape, drugging and assault of three teenage girls.
The girls were walking in the 700 block of North Parkside Ave at about 9:45pm on October 19th. A 1999 Chevrolet van pulled up next to them and then parked outside of a liquor store. Two of the occupants reportedly exited and started up a conversation with the girls. They invited the girls along and they agreed, getting into the van.
Two of the girls shared alcohol and marijuana with the suspects and sat on their laps. Things went from bad to worse, with at least two offenders taking turns driving as the others assaulted them. The one girl who had not participated in the drinking and smoking did her best to protect her friends, but to little avail. All three were now an easy mark for their assailants.
The sober girl, a fifteen year old, continued to scream and bang on the side of the van, which angered their attackers. She was held down and punched in the face by the thugs until she became quiet. She was then also sexually assaulted and then kicked out of the van due to her yelling. She was able to grab her sixteen year old sister as she fell out.
The third victim, who was still inside the van, was later found in one of the suspect’s basement, lying in a pool of her own vomit. She was unconscious, partially dressed, and extremely intoxicated.
The offenders made their own home videos on cell phones, which were recovered for use as evidence.
Lawlessness of this type could easily have resulted in the deaths of these three girls. This is the kind of adults that are created from single parent households that have no moral male role model for the boys to emulate. Female children don’t fare much better, but boys who are left to their own devices, to figure things out for themselves, will often grow up to be criminals.

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