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ARA misses the mark.

ARA Misses the Mark

There’s an old joke about two elderly Jews who were sitting in the park one morning. One of them noticed that his friend wasn’t reading the local paper as usual but had picked up some kind of Neo-Nazi magazine. The former expressed alarm. “But you don’t understand,” his friend assured him, “in this publication, I learned that the Holocaust never happened and that we’re all filthy rich.  It lifts my spirits!”  
This joke is deceptive in its way, but it also make a useful point. And I was reminded of it this weekend when NPI's annual conference was protested by self-proclaimed “anti-fascists.”  Apparently, my colleagues and I are part of a racist political establishment. We might even be planning aMachtergreifung in the nation’s capital—women will be forced to doff shoes and return to their kitchens; all books will banned, except the Bible andThus Spoke Zarathustra; and America will be re-segregated, beginning with the water fountains.  
Though I write that last sentence in jest, “anti-fascists” must have nightmares like this for them to be motivated to do what they do.  NPI’s gathering actually coincided with a mass rally against government surveillance, at which Edward Snowden made an appearance via satellite link-up.  You might think that the NSA poses a more immediate threat to Peace, Love, and Democracy than NPI; apparently those grouped outside the Ronald Reagan Building have a different set of priorities.    
 There are some intriguing links between the far Left and finance capital; our tormentors, however, seemed to be genuinely impoverished and lonely.Pleaded Leslie Miller on Facebook at 3:13 PM,   
We have been out there since 8am, so if you can, please bring or send some food down there as well, as we are starving .... but we would prefer you!!!
On the night before the event, the Forces of Equality felt it necessary to take “emergency action” at the Club Quarters hotel in downtown Washington.  Why exactly they chose this facility is unknown . . . for not only did our conference take place elsewhere, but no attendee was staying at the hotel. Undeterred, “Anti-Racist Action” searched through the hallways, keen to find “racism” hiding somewhere.  They then took to the streets to chant “Hitler rose; Hitler fell; Racist Scum, Rot in Hell,” as confused hotel guests looked on.  In the end, they approached random White people in the street (again, none of whom had anything to do with the conference), demanding to know why they were so racist. 

There might be a method to the madness: even though these well-dressed White people had nothing to do with our conference, they were, for ARA, potential guests, or they symbolized NPI, or something, and were thus deserving of haphazard harassment.  
Despite their buffoonery, we shouldn’t take “anti-fascists” too lightly. They are zealous; most of them have little to lose; and in some instances, they’ve been willing to use violence. They are certainly not our primary enemy in a political, intellectual, or spiritual sense; generally powerless, they lack the ability to destroy cultures and civilizations, even though they want to.  These “anti-racists” have, however, made themselves our enemy due to their obsession—what amounts to a strange kind of fandom—of us and our work. We shall overcome. 

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