Tuesday, October 29, 2013

White Guilt.Get over it.

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  1. "White guilt"? For what? Certain members of the white race HAVE committed various misdeeds, to be sure, but, all things considered, no more than certain members of every other race who comprise the Family of Man. The abuse of the various ethnic groups by other, more advanced and powerful ethnic groups has been an unfortunate fact of life throughout recorded history...since the first men and women trod this sad and chaotic earth. Men and women of every ethnic, religious and ideological persuasion have contended with, warred against, people of other ethnicities and theological and ideological persuasions since Noah's great- grandfather was a baby. Strife, tumult and turmoil among the disparate factions of God's people have been the never-changing norm since the wiley serpent coerced Eve into cajoling Adam into eating of the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. We know the rest of the story. But this writer digresses, has ventured far afield. Yes, the white race has committed countless atrocities against people of other races, and even against their fellow whites who adhere to ideological and theological doctrines that differ from their own. Brutal and bloody wars have been fought, won and lost, because of these things. But every other race of people has during their respective histories done the same thing, committed similar...if not worse...atrocities against their fellow men and women. There is no race whose hands do not drip with the blood of its foes. The hands of the Asian race, the Hispanic race, the Negroid race...likewise drip with the blood of their enemies. The hands of the Jewish race, though, are the MOST bloody of the races of Humankind. The Jews, although many of them vehemently deny that they are a distinct race...both history and modern-day DNA tests reveal that they are, as well as bold and unapologetic statements uttered directly from the mouths of various leaders of the Jewish community. Yes, again, certain members of the white race have, in fact, fomented unspeakable abominations against their opponents, both of their own race and the other races. But, conversely, the white race has its "saving grace." What is the saving grace of the white race? This: History reveals that the white race is, without the slightest doubt...the most creative, innovative and resourceful race ever to tread the earth. Virtually every amenity and luxury enjoyed by all the races of Humankind were, have been...devised...invented and promulgated...by the white race. Asians, Latinos and Negroes use, enjoy...the white man's inventions every hour of every day and night of the week. Every day and night of the week, blacks throughout the world...even in the wild jungles of Africa...can be seen talking on cell phones...communicating with each other via the white man's remarkable nano-technology that take pictures and videos, too. Blacks and Latinos also rejoice in tooling about in the sophisticated, high-end motorized vehicles that the white race invented, manufactured. Never mind the ultra-sophisticated and complex intricacies of outer space technology that, via white-developed technology...hurled the first human beings to the moon and back in 1969. The white race has suffered its problems, to be sure...but when you shop at Wal-Mart or any other white conceived mega-store...the negro employees you see and hear screaming on their high-end ( and expensive ) smart phones are, apparently unbeknownst to them...availing themselves of white-invented technology, technology devised by the white race whom they love to hate. Remove from the world every vestige of white invention devised by whites...and the world as we know it would quickly descend into abject chaos. But still the minorities who, oddly, left their "beloved" native lands to come to America...a nation conceived and founded by whites...still hate the whites whose country they inhabit...