Thursday, October 24, 2013

Two little girls slaughtered by illegal alien

Democrats are purposefully holding the border open and refusing to deport illegals because they want to import new Democratic voters. Neo-con Republicans are purposefully holding the border open and refusing to deport illegals because they want to suppress wages for big businesses. They are both directly complicit in this horrific slaughter of two little girls.
Illegal immigration is a slow motion terrorist attack that kills many thousands of Americans every single year.
The illegal alien is only being charged with “hit and run with injury.” She will probably only serve a few years in prison.
Two little girls, step sisters, were playing in a pile of leaves in their yard when, from seemingly out of nowhere, a vehicle came careening through, hitting and killing them both. The vehicle then fled as quickly as it had come.
The two little girls were 6-year-old Anna Dieter-Eckerdt and 11-year-old Abigail Robinson. The driver of the vehicle who ran them down and stopped their lives tragically short was 18 year old Cinthya Garcia-Cisneros, an immigrant in the U.S. illegally.
Garcia-Cisneros’ boyfriend, Mario Echeverria, also 18, was in the vehicle at the time of the murder, and he suggested the pair drive off to the local car wash to rid the vehicle of any evidence, which they did.
Garcia-Cisneros was charged with two counts of hit-and-run with injury, and she’s currently being held at the Washington County Jail in Oregon. Her boyfriend has been charged with one count of hindering prosecution.


  1. The untimely deaths of these two little American girls, step-sisters, one six years old, the other 11, is beyond tragic. They are the result of criminal negligence on the part of the odoriferous, mafia-style "governments" that befoul the formerly sovereign nation that once was America. The federal government is the mob boss, the Don...of the 50 states that comprise the "union" of the Republik of modern-day Amerika. Since Nov. 6, 1986, the date then-President Ronald reagan signed into law the Immigration Act of 1986, it has been illegal...against federal law...for Americans to hire and house illegal aliens from from any country, South and Central American countries included. This law included stiff penalties for violators of this law. But then, money and politics talk and bullshit walks. As Americans with eyes to see and ears to hear know...this federal law is...has been...violated every hour of every day and night of the week. While it is true that the Democrat Party ( the neo-American Communist Party ) is willing to sacrifice, on average, 25 American lives a day for the votes of illegals who, whether by car crashes ( most of them drunk-driving incidents ), or outright brutal murder, it is not true that the Republican Party seeks low-wage workers. If in fact they do, they are much deceived. This writer knows from personal experience that "undocumented" workers receive the same pay for their work as do American workers, often more. Undocumented workers ( illegals ) are usually paid in cash, "under the table." No local, state of federal taxes are extracted from their pay checks. Conversely, American workers are paid by check, in which case local, state and federal taxes are extracted from their checks even before the worker sees his check. Bitter irony: The illegal worker takes home more money than the legal American. But then, America no longer belongs to Americans. Our thoughts and prayers must go out to the parents and other loved ones these little girls left behind as a direct result of the criminal malfeasance of the "government" that was supposed to serve and protect them...but did not.

  2. Many Americans were outraged by the anti-American remarks of Jeremiah Wright, Kenyan "President" Obama's pastor of over 20 years when Obama first ran for president in 2008. Among Wright's invective against America was the vitriolic phrase "God damn America!" This writer was among those who deplored this venomous remark. No longer. Wright was right. God damn America...and may she perish for her satanic perfidies. A country that cares not for its own deserves not to exist...

  3. The two virulent posts above are the reasoned, heart-felt sentiments of this writer, David Carothers, not necessarily those of the administator of this blog. This writer calls a spade a spade when the spade is, in fact, a spade. America is the sinking Titanic...and her hapless passengers should abandon ship while they can. Many Americans have already done so...that is, the wealthy elite who have the resources to do so. Even rats scurry to escape a sinking ship...