Tuesday, October 15, 2013

TradYouth Confronts Tim Wise in Terre Haute


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  1. An interesting video of a bold young white man confronting a small group of whitey-hating opponents of various races, both male and female. The white youth and a few friends are exposing the hypocrisy of Tim Wise, a Jewish, white Gentile-hating university professor who, although he excoriates whites because of their "white skin privilege"...chooses to ensconce himself and his family in an exclusive 97 percent white and Jewish neighborhood...again, hypocrisy at its worst. Listen not to what a man says, so the sages say...watch what he does. Actions do indeed speak louder than words, so the same sages say...and "professor" Wise's actions belie his words. There is nothing new in this...the words of most liberals do not conform to their actions. They preach love, but are not loving. They preach peace, but are not peaceful. They preach tolerance, but are not tolerant. Hypocrisy upon hypocrisy...