Thursday, October 24, 2013

Tom Watson Statue To Be Removed From Georgia State Capitol

Tom Watson
Gov. Nathan Deal of Georgia recently signed an executive orderauthorizing the removal of the Tom Watson statue from the grounds of the Georgia State Capitol in Atlanta.
Rather than be seen as a weakling who is capitulating to the demands of a PC lynch mob, Gov. Deal claims that it is only a “safety issue” and that the statue is being removed due to a “big renovations” project on the steps of the State Capitol, but a spokesman for the Georgia Building Authority says that it would be a “prohibitive cost” to restore the statue to its present location and that it is being permanently removed to a nearby park.
In reality, the removal of the Tom Watson statue from the Georgia State Capitol is part of a well organized leftwing agitation campaign to remove the monument which includes a petition on that has gathered nearly 1,000 signatures. The ADL has issued a press release praising Gov. Nathan Deal for acting to remove the Tom Watson statue which has “offended” them for so many years:
 “For many years we at the ADL and many Georgians of good will have been offended by the statute of Tom Watson standing in a place of honor at the front entrance of the capitol,” said Shelley Rose, Associate Director of the ADL Southeast Region. “We are grateful to Governor Deal for acting to move the statue. In doing so he sends a clear message that he will not tolerate the hatred and bigotry that defined so much of Watson’s career.”
Gov. Nathan Deal has succeeded in sending a “clear message” to State Rep. Tyrone Brooks, the president of the Georgia Association of Elected Black Officials, who is “elated” by the removal of the Tom Watson statue, and who would like to see the statues of Sen. Richard Russell, Gov. Eugene Talmadge, and Confederate General John B. Gordon also removed from the State Capitol, as well as all the other statues which he considers offensive.
Rep. Brooks has linked the removal of the Tom Watson statue to the NAACP’s victory in the removal of the 1956 Georgia State Flag. He believes that it is “a sign of progress” and that Gov. Deal has decided that it is time to “begin to remove the old racist artifacts” from the grounds of the Georgia State Capitol. He also hopes that these “old racist artifacts” will be replaced by African-American, Native American, and Asian American monuments which represent “the Georgia of today” rather than “yesterday.”

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