Monday, October 7, 2013

The Outrageous Racist Hypocrisy of Israel and World Zionism!


  1. Yosef is dead. The israeli supreme court said that israel must release the black people being held. This reminds me of the anti racist Hitler. Sometimes there is good news. Hope they enjoy their diversity. Let them lead the way.

  2. The rabid Rabbi, Ovadia Yusef, a long-time and respected scholar who taught the various books of the Torah, the Zohar and the hate-filled Babylonian Talmud, Jewish screeds that preach hatred of all Gentiles, i.e., any non-Jew...finally went to hell, met his father, the devil, on Oct.7. He was 93. During his long tenure at various universities in Israel, yusef preached Jewish supremacism, a bastard theology that proclaims that the Jewish race is superior to all other races. His rabid racist invective against the Gentile races were well received by the Jewish students who attended his hate-filled courses. It would be comforting to suggest that the hell-bound, evil, hateful Rabbi Yusef was the last of his foul ilk. Unfortunately, this is not the case. The Jewish race is replete with his demonic ilk...a race of "people" who consider themselves to be the Masters of the Universe, high above all other races of humanity, a "special" people who are the self-proclaimed "Chosen People" of God. The chosen people of God?? NO!! A thousand times NO!! The Jews are, if anything...the Chosen People of their father, Satan. The Jewish race has, throughout history...been the purveyors of whatever country in which they infest like a nest of voracious, all consuming foul rats. The Jews are, in short, absolutely the worst, most foul ilk of humanity that ever a merciful God allowed to tread on his once pristine earth. Although Hitler is accused ( by the Jewish media, of course ) of "exterminating" the Jews, he was obviously not successful in this endeavor. Almost every day and night 10-year-old survivors of the "Holocaust" come forth to cry their crocodile tears, tears that have, since the end of WW11 in 1945, caused guilt-ridden Gentile nations to pay reparations to the demonically wicked "state" of Israel, a misbegotten bastard state if ever there was one. Since the founding of Israel in May of 1948, there have been wars upon wars, many if not most of them instigated by Israel. Israel is the voracious, insatiable tick...flea...that feeds off the blood of its various hosts. Many Muslim countries, so the Jew media tells the destruction of this perfidous, ill-conceived and misbegotten "state." Good!! May its destruction be nigh. A world rid of Israel would be a much more peaceful world. The Jews are of Satan, and Satan yearns for the destruction of mankind, God's crowning creation. And the Jews, an ancient race...yearns for this too...except for themselves. Jews, devils in human form...the creators of all evil on earth...