Thursday, October 3, 2013

The Changing Face of America- Is A Code word for White genocide.

The Changing Face of America - A nice way to say White genocide. 

But it is good that they are honest with their intentions. It makes it easier for people to point it out.


  1. Whites are still pure. But please get ahold of your WHITE WOMEN. they are tearing up the White race with their LUST FOR BLACKMEN. some times any man. White Women seem to have no boundaries

    1. Alas, every chain has its weak link, and white women are, in the main, the weak link in the chain of the white-rights movement. Women of every race tend to be creatures of fashion, and decades of Jew media conditioning have instilled within the minds of white women the notion that mating with black men...or Latino the fashionable thing to do. Yes, every chain has its weak link, and no chain is stronger than its weakest link. Fashion. It is tragic that even the best, well-meaning movement can be defeated by the innane fashions of the time...

  2. It has become so that we do not know who is who.WPWW