Thursday, October 3, 2013

Show me your permit

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  1. Permits, permits, permits. Licenses, licenses, licenses. In the increasingly unfree "Land of the Free," Americans need a license, a permit...for almost every activity in which they engage. Ponder this: If the modern-day Police State that is now Amerika had existed during the formative years of this republic this nation never would have been founded. During those years, people relied on horses and horse-drawn wagons for their transportation needs. Imagine if every few miles the rider of a horse or a horse-drawn carriage had been detained by government gunmen manning a roadblocked checkpoint, a checkpoint at which the horse rider or carriage driver was required to submit his or her government-issued paperwork authorizing the horse rider or carriage driver to tend to their daily or nightly business. Fortunately, this odious state of affairs was unthinkable during those times. People have things to do, places to go, and a viable mode of transportation is an absolute necessity for these purposes, many of which are of immense benefit to the idiot government that, oddly...stupidly...casts innumerable obstacles into the path of Americans who pay the damn taxes that pay the salaries of the swarms of government officials whose sole task in life is to abuse the very people who pay them to abuse them, a most bitterly ironic state of affairs indeed. Had the all-pervasive, omni-present government that prevails now in the People's Republic of Amerika existed during the founding of this country...the West would not have been explored, conquered. The Louis and Clark expedition that gained vast territories for the U.S. government could not have taken place. The intrepid explorers, Louis and Clark, did not have the authorization of the Environmental Protection Agency ( EPA ) to conduct their ventures into unknown territory. An environmental impact study by teams of government officials was not conducted, now a violation of federal law that can land a person in federal prison for decades. Besides this, the numerous horses they used for transportation and as pack animals...did not have the proper government-issued licenses and permits, yet another egregious violation of numerous state and federal laws. Had the Lousiana Purchase occurred in this time of vast, overweening government regulation...the territory gained by Louis and Clark would never have been acquired, and Louis and Clark would be languishing in a federal prison. The fearless explorers, commisioned by the federal government as it now exists...would have been punished for their actions on behalf of the government that enlisted them. Such is the modern-day Police State of Amerika...