Wednesday, October 2, 2013

PA man seriously injured in hate crime attack at bar.


  1. Yet ANOTHER random...and brutal...attack on a white citizen by a simian thug, i.e, a black man. Kenyan "President" Oama swore during his twin inaugrations of 2008 and 2012 that he would be the peacemaker between the races, black and white. This has not happened...if anything, racial tensios have INCREASED during his two administrations. Whites, having long been conditioned by the Jewish media to hate themselves and their culture...have succumbed to white guilt, have been conditioned to give black criminals a pass, especially vis-a-vis black-on-white crime. White people, especially non-homosexul white males...are the new social pariahs of Obameika. Obama was elected not once, but twice, by 95 percent of blacks and 61percent of young, unmarried white females. Bitter irony, though...these two groups of Obama voters are now reaping the bitter harvest of the bitter seeds they sowed by voting for the Kenyan President Obama. Good!! Let them suffer the inevitable rapes and murders they will suffer as a consequence of their misbegotten votes. See ya...wouldn't wanna be ya...

  2. If Obama said that he lied. theirs 200 million whites,66 million blacks....I know we overpower Blacks.....