Monday, October 28, 2013

Occupy DC leader that the Washington Post praised as a peace activist turns violent yet again

The man bragged about the assaults on twitter.He even posts one of the videos and refers to the perpetrator of a violent assault as himself. His friends then gleefully inform him that he was captured perpetrating another violent assault in a separate video. Yet a few days later he was profiled by the Washington Post as a local “peace activist.”

Taylor Hall appears to assault a man at the NPI conference and has to be restrained by law enforcement. Hall has been arrested numerous times for violence and bragged about committing assaults at the DC May Day parade on twitter.


  1. That video link was disabled. But I saved it ahead of time...

    Use this link...

  2. This writer is unable to gain access to the video, but he has seen and read enough. This tub o' lard negro is lucky that there were no hard-core white activists present. He would have been a black skid mark on the pavement. It is no wonder that this Fat Albert was extolled as a 'peace" activist by the Jewspaper, the Washington Post. To paraphrase black activist Malcom X: The Jewish press can turn Christ into Satan and Satan into Christ. Only idiots believe anything the Jewsmedia says...