Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Obama regime braces for possible Nov 1st food stamp riots

All Saint’s Day could be the day that Obama’s core group of supporters turn on him in a major way. Changes in the way food stamps are allocated will cause many food stamp recipients to see a tiny decrease.
Ironically, the much of the money “saved” will still be going to pay for free food. The money will be diverted to Michelle Obama’s “Let’s Move” initiation. The money will fund free breakfast and free lunch at urban schools, especially heavily black urban areas. In Detroit, the Obama administration is already paying for free breakfast, free lunch, and free afternoon snack for all public school children.
The Obama regime spent $80 million to roll out a new armed Federal force to guard government buildings in urban areas. The new armed guards will take up position on the same day that food stamp cuts begin.
Far-left Salon.com fuels the fires by describing the tiny cuts as “massive ,” and claiming welfare users will have to go one week per month without food. Read Salon.com article.

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