Friday, October 4, 2013

Netanyahu: The Biggest Nuclear Hypocrite on Earth



  1. Israel developed a nuclear program to protect itself against the Soviets and their Arab proxies. The only time they threatened to use it was against
    1. The USSR in 1973 if it invaded Israel
    2. against Iraq if Iraq used WMDs against Israel.

    On the other hand, the regime in Tehran has called for the destruction of America. A past "moderate" president, Rafsanjani made it clear taht Iran would not abide by MAD. And the people chant "death to America".
    So why should we allow Iran to get nukes? And how does Israel's 48 year possession of them change anything?

    How many American cities do you want to trade for the destruction of Israel?

    1. If the U.S. government were not a snarling lapdog for Israel, Iran and the other Middle Eastern countries that hate America because of Israel would pose no threat to America. The people of the Middle East know...have known..that America is Israel's mafia-style bodyguard.