Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Leif Ericson Discovered America


  1. Although school children used to be taught that the Italian Jew, Chrisopher Columbus, "discovered" America in 1492, world-reknowned historians-scholars have insisted that the Nordic viking Leif Ericson ( Erikson ) and his band of venturesome sea-farers landed on the shores of New England around 1,000 A.D., where they established a settlement they called Vinland or "Wineland" because of the abundance of Concord and other varieties of grapes that flourished there. The small settlement of Vinland did not last long, for reasons unknown to historians and archeologists. The most probable reason ( s ) for the ultimate abandonment of the settlement a few miles off the coast of what is now the North American continent are two-fold. The vikings were an adventurous, sea-faring breed of men who loved warfare...conquest...more than they loved the staid, settled life of the landed farmer, although they did till the soil, wrest a laborious living from, the soil of the wild, untamed land that centuries later would become the greatest, most prosperous and powerful nation ever to grace the earth. The other, equally important probable reason the settlement was abandoned is because the intrepid sea-farers, having navigated miles of open ocean, having braved heaving waves and squalls at sea...knew better than to bring women with them, the weak link in the chain of humankind. Men, being the creatures that they are as ordained by Mother Nature women even more than they love the rigors of combat and the daunting challenges of the open ocean. Erikson and the hardy men under his command had no women with whom to "consort." No settlement however pristine the environment...can long succeed without women to keep them warm on a cold and bleak night...

  2. Thing is.....white true SHEMITIC Israelites fleeing the Babylonian and Assyrian captivities came to Iberia (Spain) and also to what is now England, Ireland, and Scotland AND MORE in and around 1200-700 BC amd ongoing !
    There is absolute LIBRARIES FULL of these migrations, linguistics.....archeology, genealogy AND ALSO SCRIPTURE! Which PROVES who is who etc!
    Known in our european homelands by many! KEPT from us in the west.....
    AND IS TRULY OURS!>>>>>>These Scythians are subsequently divided by early historians into two categories, one known as Sarmatians by the Romans and the other known by them as the Germani. Of course, the North Sea and Baltic Sea areas to which the Scythians had migrated later became known as Lithuania, Poland and Germany.

    Pliny the Elder, in his Natural History, asserts that "The name of the Scythians is everywhere changed to that of Sarmatae and Germans...." -- Vol IV, p. xii. He also states that "The more ancient writers give them the name of Aramii... The tribes among them that are better known are the Sacae, the Massagatae, the Dahae, etc."

    The Tribe of Dan obviously left its name in the Danube River, the Danes of Denmark, the Don River, etc. Scan a map of Europe and you will be struck by the names which can be traced to the Tribes of Israel. Dan abode in ships and used those ships to travel up the various rivers of Europe. Since, in all probability, Dan reached these places first, Dan named many of the places and rivers.

    1. OH! AND THERE IS NOT ONE! jew among our blood! FACTUALLY! THEY as kenites, canaanites, edom, ameleks and more.... were THEN ongoing and still now THE enemy to WHITE Adamite man! Seen in 60 centuries of historical documentation. The Apocryphal Books which the talmudists and pagan talmudist "universal" and supposed christian church ""threw out"" these history books DETAIL our history AND WHO IS WHO!