Friday, October 18, 2013

Jeff Crockett, Mayor of Harrison, Arkansas.Hates the 1st Amendment...

Mayor Jeff Crockett (Picture Courtesy City of Harrison)
The Mayor of Harrison Arkansas admits if he was the owner of the billboard, he wouldn't have allowed "anti racist is a code word for anti-white" to be displayed. This is a mayor who swore an oath to uphold and defend The Constitution. 

It's my opinion that this mayor is a domestic enemy of our Constitution and should be recalled from office.

Mayor Jeff Crockett City Hall/Mayor's Office
Physical Address:  114 S. Spring St, 2nd Floor 
Mailing Address:  P. O. Box 1715, Harrison, AR  72602
Phone:  870-741-2777     Fax:  870-741-0021 

This letter was emailed to every city council member in Harrison Arkansas in regards to Mayor Jeff Crockett. You can also download it for free as PDF file from my website at


  1. No doubt about it. Too many anti-whites among us.

  2. At the time the Constitution was written , President Washington had slaves . He has freedom of speech and thought , just as they intended . I know a lot of politicians who should be removed for scandals and immorality . what has ehis Mayor done to you . You need to study your history a little closer !

    1. Jeff Crockett, the mayor of Harrison, Ark., is a race-pandering white male politician. The only creature worse than a race-pandering white male politician is a race-pandering white female politician. Both cowardly and self-serving ilks of self-loathing whites have been bitten by the asp of political correctness, the venomous snake that daily and nightly slithers forth from the dark recesses of the Jewish/ Marxist mega-media machine. Whites in general, and white politicians in particular...are terrified of being perceived as racist, a fate almost worse than death itself. Of course, if this scenario were reversed...if a pro-black or pro-Hispanic sign were to be seen in a public area...there would be no problem. All would be well. The white mayor of the town would hold a press conference in which he or she would smile broadly while extolling the joys and virtues of diversity. Alas, the white race has degenerated into a most masochistic, servile race of panderers indeed. The Jew media. The Jewish/Marxist mega-media machine that churns and grinds...and bites...every hour of the day and night. Who can put an end to its power? What axe is sharp enough to cut the head off the venomous asp?