Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Grandmother was burned alive in random hate crime


There was no motive for the horrific torture murder of Nancy Harris, an elderly Dallas grandmother. To call it “a robbery” is an insult to the victim and her family. The perpetrator simply did for the fun of it.
If the races had been reversed, this would have been the single biggest news story in the United States. Instead it was a “hush crime.” The story was quarantined to local media and website such as this one.
Jurors on Monday were shown the horrific moment a 76-year-old Dallas grandmother and convenience store clerk was doused in lighter fluid and set on fire during an early morning hold-up.
On the first day of the capital murder trial of Matthew Johnson, one member of the jury covered his mouth and another rubbed his hands together as they watched Nancy Harris frantically try to extinguish the fire that would ultimately kill her.
The shocking surveillance footage came as Harris’ distraught son, Scott Harris, described in testimony the heartbreak he felt as he was told while getting ready for church that his mother had suffered burns to 40 per cent of her body in the senseless attack. She died several days later.
‘She could not communicate,’ Scott Harris said, adding that his mother was sedated.
Johnson, 38, has confessed to the senseless slaying of the mother-of-four on a Sunday morning in May 2012, Garland police say.
Prosecutors are pushing for the death sentence in the disturbing case.
 The footage, from a surveillance camera at the Fina Whip-In at the corner of Broadway and Colonel Drive in Garland, shows Johnson pour lighter fluid from a water bottle over Harris’ head.
Before he set her alight, he stood behind her taking cigarettes and a lighter as she opened the cash register.
However, as she struggles to open it, Johnson attempts to pull a ring off her right hand but it won’t budge. He licks his finger and tries again but it still won’t move.
He tries once more, this time successfully. He is then seen walking away from the store as an orange glow becomes visible behind him.
The video shows Harris on fire for more than two minutes, according to Dallasnews.com.
She desperately tries to put out the fire in a sink but when she cannot she walks outside to call for help.
According to testimony, two police officers who spotted the blaze and heard Harris’ screams used a fire extinguisher to put out the fire.


  1. Yet ANOTHER brutal and senseless hate-crime committed by a savage black man against an innocent white person. This time the victim was a 76-year-old grandmother, Nancy Harris. A 38-year-old black man, Matthew Johnson, was arrested and charged with capital murder in the brutal murder of the elderly white woman. According to police reports, The black man, Johnson, poured lighter fluid over the victim, then set her afire. As the elderly white grandmother tried desperately to extinguish the flames, the black criminal tried to wrest the gold wedding ring from the finger of the victim. Harris was working by herself at a convenience store at the time of her murder. Convenience store employees...especially females...should not be working by themselves at night. Night-shift employees call the night shift the "Graveyard Shift"...and for good reason. In any American city of even moderate size, heartless black criminals abound. They have no conscience, and will kill at will. Kudos to the police for having the temerity....not to mention the boldness...to arrest the black suspect. In some cities, such as Columbus, Ga.,...the black perpetrator of this heinous crime would not have been arrested, much less charged...by the minions of the Columbus police department whose officers have been issued strict orders not to arrest a black person for ANY crime, however heinous or brutal. The white and black police officers who ply the dark and dangerous streets of Columbus dare not use their badges to arrest blacks. Blacks are a protected class of people here, immune to arrest of prosecution. The Columbus police department, comprised mainly..and oddly... of white officers, dares not arrest a black criminal for anything. The Columbus, Ga. police department is among the most politically correct law-enforcement agencies that befoul the once safe cities of America. If a black assailant hurts his fist while punching a white person in the face...the white person whose nose was broken in the attack will be charged with aggravated battery for injuring the fist of the black assailant. Columbus, Ga., though, is a politically correct town that receives its marching orders from the powerful Jewish interests and organizations that prevail in this town. Although many, if not most, of the police officers who, at the behest of the landed elite whites who run this town, they too, as human beings...have their various weaknesses. Their weaknesses, while treading the same befouled earth as the rest of us mere mere human beings...are the same as ours. i.e.,...they will at some point die. While every society needs law- enforcement agents to maintain public order, there comes a time when law-enforcement devolves into a murderous tool of the corrupt system for whom they work, a sytem that daily and nightly abuses the rights of the citizens for whom they purportedly...ostensibly...work. In fine, though, the cops of every police department work for the elitist powers that be, not for the citizens. The police in every city do NOT work for the citizens, i.e., the common people but, rather, for the white and Jewish elitists who run the town. The police, in essence...are the deadly enemy of the people whom they purportedly serve. The police, equiped with taxpayer-funded weapons of every kind...use these weapons of war against the very people who fund them, people who they are supposed to "protect and Serve."

  2. To claim Columbus police ordered not to arrest blacks requires citation.