Sunday, October 27, 2013

FAR Project Observes Red October


Activists from the Free America Rally project have participated in several protests in support of the remaining white population of South Africa. The simplicity and urgent nature of this cause has enabled nationalists from across America and from every walk of life to hold coordinated events in support of our beleaguered kinsmen.
February of 2012 saw around a dozen states rally, bringing together hundreds of American nationalists from across the country, something that is rarely achieved. During April of this year, in one of the initial outings officially organized by the FAR project, New York and Oregon held tandem demonstrations. This last week, on the 10th and 12th of October, FAR activists collaborated with already scheduled events taking place throughout the world, including numerous protests being held in South Africa.
Responding to a call by the Unite Red October website for people sympathetic to the plight of white South Africans to gather in their local areas to release red balloons signifying the blood of innocent whites being spilled every day in South Africa, FAR activists in as many as sixteen states came out for some type of event, several locations performing outreach in their communities, using pamphlets, banners, signs, and even bagpipes to spread awareness concerning a topic virtually unmentioned by mainstream media sources in the United States.
Since 1994, roughly 70,000 white South Africans have been murdered in that country, many times in the most horrendous fashion. Especially targeted is the Afrikaner-based white farming community, which has suffered over 4000 murdered during this period. Less than 25,000 white commercial farmers remain from a total of 85,000 in 1994. The situation has become so severe that many with the opportunity to get out with their lives have done so, 400,000 out of a total of less than 5,000,000 whites leaving the country since the end of Apartheid. With more than 50 killings a day, South Africa now has one of the highest murder rates of any country. Johannesburg, South Africa?s largest city, is the carjacking capitol of the world.
South Africa Rally
While many South African whites encounter some of the worst circumstances imaginable, people of European descent throughout the world face a similar situation confronting them in the not too distant future. Numerous European nations are succumbing to massive immigration, as are her former colonies, notably the United States, Canada, and Australia. South Africa is in the worst position because relative to the total population of that country whites there are a dwindling minority. However, given a continuation of current demographic trends, many formerly white-controlled nations will learn, as our kinsmen in SA have, what it is like to be a minority amongst those with an historic grudge against your children.
We’re hoping to turn the tide in America, and our prayers are certainly with our South African brothers and sisters. Worldwide European solidarity is our best hope. Taking care of one another, and working to help each other will benefit all of us in the long run. Activists from the Free America Rally project proudly stand with whites in South Africa and wherever our people live on this planet.

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