Thursday, October 3, 2013

Dissecting Political Correctness


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  1. Bigot. Hater. Intolerant. Sexist. Homophobe. These five words comprise the key words in the Gentile-hating Jewish lexicon. The Jews, a demonically clever race that precedes written history, have, during their reign of pestilence on Earth...become masters of the craft of language...words. Words, in whatever language or form...are merely the mode of conveyance that convey the thoughts, the impressions, of him or her who articulates them. Thoughts are things, so the sages say...and words are merely the audible transmisssion of the thoughts the words convey, i.e., the thoughts of the speaker. For example, if a police commander orders his subordinate ( s ) to shoot and kill a suspect, he or she will do so. Why? Because the words were spoken, the thought was transmitted: "Shoot!!, the commander barks, and his minions shoot. The words were conveyed and thus the action followed...and a human being died. The Jewish media minions far...a bit more subtle than this, if only for fear of civil or criminal liability. The pampered and well-paid minions ( the well- attired and coiffed ) talking heads of the Jewish-Marxist mega-media machine...know their lines well. Every "news" item they recount is thoroughly assessed..and approved by...their masters, the Jewish media moguls whom they serve, from whom they receive their white-flight zone paychecks. "The love of money is the root of all evil," said Jesus the Christ during His brief 33 years plodding this evil world. Jesus's words of over 2,000 years ago were among the most prescient words ever spoken. The evil dynamics that prevailed in Christ's time still prevail in our time. "There is nothing new under the sun...