Sunday, October 27, 2013

Confession in execution style murder of Kenosha, Wisconsin woman

After viewing multiple clips of an interrogation that took place over four days, jurors on Thursday saw Montago Suggs emotionally confess to the murder of 22-year-old Melinda “Mindy” Morrell of Round Lake Park.
“F— it, I did it,” Suggs tells an officer with the Lake County Major Crime Task Force on a videotape taken during questioning May 30, 2007. “I didn’t mean to pull it. I didn’t mean to pull it. It was me holding the gun and reaching the wrong way. I had the gun to her head, reaching for the VCR.”
Suggs, 29, of Kenosha, allegedly shot Morrell in the back of the head during a robbery of the former Check ’n Go on Green Bay Road in Waukegan on the late afternoon of May 21, 2007.
According to police and prosecutors, and details of Suggs’ confession, he walked into the store as Morrell was coming out of the back room, forced her to the floor and asked where the key to the cash drawer was. After he got the key, he took cash from the drawer and took Morrell to the back of the store to get the surveillance tape.
Suggs said he had her lie on the floor again near the VCR containing the tape, and that the gun went off as he was reaching to eject the tape.
“The muzzle went off. At first I didn’t even think it was the gun,” Suggs said on the tape. “I don’t even remember pulling the trigger. I was in shock.”
Over the course of the interrogation, Suggs first admitted to an attempted robbery at the Ma & Pa’s Corner Store on Green Bay Road in Beach Park on May 26, 2007, where he allegedly held a gun to the clerk’s head and pulled the trigger, but the gun did not go off because there was not a bullet in the chamber.
He dropped the gun while fleeing, according to police, and it was determined by ballistic experts that the gun was the same one used to shoot Morrell.

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