Monday, October 28, 2013

Chicago Teachers Union leaders goes on anti-white rant during rally
Thousands of union workers, community activists and a smattering of politicians rallied Tuesday evening on the Near West Side to “take back Chicago” and send a message to Mayor Rahm Emanuel and what they dubbed his “corporate, greedy, elitist friends.”
At a fancy theater in the Loop, Emanuel joined a national TV news host to discuss politics and the state of the union in front of about 600 people who paid to hear him at a Chicago Ideas Week event sponsored by a private equity firm that boasts of having invested billions of dollars.
The two events offered a clear study in contrasts in Chicago politics: like-minded folks meeting in a controlled setting to see a self-styled reform mayor engage in political repartee versus a raucous gathering of activists promoting a populist, anti-administration agenda. It also offered a potential early blueprint of the opposition platform to the mayor in 2015, assuming a contender emerges to take on a highly skilled politician who had $5.1 million in his campaign fund to start October.
Brandon Johnson, an organizer with the Chicago Teachers Union, fired up the rally crowd at the University of Illinois at Chicago Forum, saying the 35 union and neighborhood groups were there to send a message to “the mayor of this city and his corporate, greedy elitist friends that this city belongs to the people in this room. Black people, brown people, poor people, working-class people.”
Karen Lewis on an anti-white rant last June.

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  1. Quite an odd dynamic here: A black woman, the most protected and preferred species of humanity in America today...socking it to Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, a Jew. The Jews via their stranglehold on the global media...have long been the main advocates of the black race...for selfish reasons, of course. A key component of the Jewish anti-white agenda has been its relentless efforts to cause friction...war...among the Gentile races, while retaining the unity...cohesiveness...of their own race. Divide and conquer...