Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Black EBT participation exceeds 50% in many counties

In many counties, the percentage of blacks on food stamps exceeds 50%. This figures are from 2009, so the current figures for most of these counties are even higher today.
Also keep in mind that the white figures include Latinos. The county with the highest listed “white participation rate” for 2009 is Starr County, Texas. This county is actually 98% Latino. Two other counties are listed as having a “white” participation rate of over 50%. One is a majority American Indian county in New Mexico that has almost as many Latinos as white people. The other is a county in Colorado that is 68% Latino.
Here is data for Louisiana, Mississippi, and Michigan. Even in West Virginia, white participation in food stamps is low compared to black people in any state.
Tangipahoa: 50% (combined white/Latino 11%)
Tensas: 52% (combined white/Latino 12%)
Franklin: 55% (combined white/Latino 16%)
East Carroll: 57% (combined white/Latino 12%)
Morehouse: 52% (combined white/Latino 15%)
Sharkly: 53% (combined white/Latino 8%)
Humphreys: 55% (combined white/Latino 11%)
Webster: 51% (combined white/Latino 12%)
Nuxubee: 50% (combined white/Latino 5%)
St. Clair: 53% (combined white/Latino 15%)
Genesee: 52% (combined white/Latino 16%)
Ingham: 54% (combined white/Latino 11%)
Calhoun: 59% (combined white/Latino 18%)
Kalamazoo: 60% (combined white/Latino 11%)
St. Joseph: 52% (combined white/Latino 17%)
Bay: 58% (combined white/Latino 15%)
Kent: 54% (combined white/Latino 9%)
Muskegon: 60% (combined white/Latino 18%)
Berrien: 52% (combined white/Latino 10%)

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