Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Beautiful young MATH teacher slaughtered in hate crime, suspect is 14

A fourteen year old black male was reported missing from his home, and then reported found shortly after. However, police say he attacked and slaughtered a beautiful young math teacher at his school during his missing hours.
The victim was beaten to death. The body had been drug into the woods behind the school where she taught. Police found blood in multiple locations including a bathroom inside the High School.
The suspect is also a student where he is described as non-aggressive, popular, and good at sports. He will be tried as an adult.
The 14-year-old student accused of murdering a Massachusetts math teacher will be tried as an adult.
CBS Boston reports that Philip Chism was held without bail Wednesday in a Danvers, Mass. court. Colleen Ritzer, 24, was found dead in the woods behind Danvers High School early Wednesday morning, shortly after she was reported missing.
Court documents allege that interviews with Chism and video surveillance recovered at the school led investigators to believe he assaulted and then killed Ritzer beforedisposing of her body near campus, Fox 25 reports.
Ritzer was reportedly a well-liked teacher at the school, while Chism was a leader on his soccer team.
“He wasn’t violent at all. He was really the opposite of aggressive,” student Kyle Cahill told Fox 25.
Ritzer was reported missing at about 11:20 p.m. on Tuesday when she didn’t return home. Chism was also reported missing overnight, and police tweeted an alert both when he went missing and when he was “found safely.” Police picked him up as he was walking along a Danvers road at about 12:30 a.m. today, The Boston Globe reports.


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  2. Voila!! The story regarding the senseless and brutal murder of Colleen Ritzer, a 24-year-old white female math teacher in Danvers, Mass., was featured many times in the "mainstream" media. Never once, though, was the race of either the victim or murderer mentioned. This writer, a seasoned news hound, knew immediately what the ultimate story would be: The victim would be white, the murderer black. The world turns, churns and burns, and some things never change. Black savagery never changes, and the Jewish media's suppression of it doesn't either...

    1. Yes David, you sure have that right!!

  3. It is truly unfortunate, and abjectly hypocritical, that the proponents of diversity are rarely the victims of the ideology they so ardently preach. If they were, things would change. As the situation stands now, though, the white elites ensconce themselves and their families in the safe sanctuaries of lily-white, guarded and gated communities where their mothers, daughters and sisters can stroll around the block in safety at night without fear of robbery, rape or murder...or all three. Many whites of the moneyed class are well aware of these dissolute social dynamics, but choose to ignore or deny them. They perceive that they and their loved ones are safe behind the locked gates, and this is all that matters to them. The white underclass, a caste of people that has for decades been the buffer between the races, the class that the white elites hurl to the howling black wolves to atone for their ancestor's legacy of slave ownership...has borne the brunt of the sins of the white elite. While white elites extoll the virtues of diversity, they do not dwell in diverse neighborhoods. Neither do they send their white elite progeny to schools comprised of diverse peoples, i.e., schools comprised of murderous minorities. They know better than to do so, all the while preaching sanctimonious sermons to the white underclass as to why they should embrace people of diverse cultures, people who will rape their daughters and murder their sons. White elitists are, in their own sick way, worse than the murderous savages they foist upon the white underclass. A savage is a savage, so perhaps they know not what they do when they rob, rape and murder. The white elitists, though...DO know what they do, and are more than willing to do so. They are more than willing that the daughter of the carpenter who endures the wild jungle of America's savage-infested public schools be raped in the bathroom rather than their daughters' expensive jeans be torn by a thorn. But the times are "a changin'," and, in time...the daughters of the elite will be raped in the bathrooms of their elite schools. Good!! Let the selfish and self-serving elites be hoist on their own petard...a petard of their own making...

  4. I am not interested in how the black guy behaved prior to murdering the school teacher. He raped and murdered her. He was 14 years old. The animal in him came out. Blacks are dangerous. They are capable of turning on a White person at any time. He needed to satisfy his animal urges, and then disposed of her body like a sack of trash. Yes "ML King" I am judging your people by the "conduct of their character."

    1. As an intelligent and insightful person, this writer knows that not ALL blacks are savages. Alas, though...too many of them are. Welcome to the jungle...