Thursday, October 17, 2013

Anti-Racist equals Anti-White billboard erected in Arkansas

The following billboard was erected by a private citizen along state route 65 in north central Arkansas. The sign was paid for by someone who says they are not connected to any organization and want to remain anonymous.
KY3, a local news station affiliated with CNN ran the headline that the billboard is generating “controversy.” The news anchor alleges that the public is up in arms over the sign. They interview Layne Ragsdale, the leader of a local left-wing organization, and a homosexual college student who contacted the station wanting to denounce the sign.
The man who placed the sign paid for an entire in advance. The owner of the sign company, who KY3 sneering refers to as “a minority,” says he will keep the sign up. Meanwhile local leftists leased the placed above the sign and say they will keep it blank. The reason for doing this is not explained.

It is amazing the stir that a little sign can make. No one seems to know who put the sign up - although I have been accused by some. But it does show that there are many people who have been inspired to speak in defense of our people. If the sign said something to the effect of Black Pride. No one would have uttered a word. But the reaction to this signs shows that the message of the sign is true. White people cannot utter a single word showing pride of, or love for their people. The moment they do, the anti-white crowd goes into a rage. Where is the true hate? Is it with those whites who embrace the love of their people or is it those who use threats and intimidation in the attempt to silence people. Even if you don't live in Harrison, call the Harrison Sign Company and express your gratitude for their willingness to support free speech. Their number is 870-741-5267. Also the mayor of Harrison, wants the sign down and says he will do what ever he can to take it down. Call the Harrison City Hall, 870-741-2525 and tell them that you like the sign, you support free speech and you oppose any effort for the mayor to engage himself in this issue. But be sure to be polite. It is important this is handled properly. Most of those kids that are going to show up to protest the sign, are just kids who don't understand, they watched too much television and think that every one who is white and proud is ignorant and hate filled and yet it is they who seem to hate their heritage and hate their people. Again THIS is the number for the Harrison Sign Company: 870-741-5267. Not the number I think you will see below in the post - in that number a couple of the numbers are reversed. 

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