Sunday, September 22, 2013

White Privilege: The Last Frontier of White Guilt

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  1. This post by Jerod Taylor discussing the false concept of "white privilege," an erroneous and patently false nostrum promulgated by the ever-pervasive Jewish media and the Jew-controlled mal-education system that mal-educates white spot-on, right on target. White Privilege?? Tell this idiotic joke to the white coal miners of West Virginia who labor for hours far beneath the surface of the earth to extract the coal that powers this nation and others. On a personal level, foist this White Privilege bullshit on me, a white male college graduate who, during his many years of working experience...has wielded a pick and shovel in the sweltering heat of a Georgia summer and the frigid cold of a Georgia winter. It is true, to be sure, that many, if not most, of the work crew was comprised of blacks, but this does not negate the fact that whites, too, labored aside the blacks. The black race has since the 1970s enjoyed the immense benefits of affirmative action, a government and corporate-sponsored system of racism against whites, especially white males. In former times, times during which the Jewish power structure had not yet imposed its illegal...unconstitutional...employment contraints upon white males...white males were the most productive workers in the American work force. No more. In former times the American work force was a meritocracy, i.e., comprised of people who were best qualified...for the job. Again, no more. "White Privilege"? BULLSHIT!!!! This writer has never been accorded White Privilege, nor have most whites. If anything, America is now a nation of Black Privilege. Go to any well-appointed, heated or air-conditioned government office, and you will see immediately that all of the pampered workers are black. White Privilege...BULLSHIT!!