Monday, September 2, 2013

White people are in Jeopardy in the People's Republic of Columbus,Georgia.

White people in jeopardy
The Michael Weaver case was politically motivated. The female school teacher sentenced to serve 25 years was racially motivated. Our DA seems to be targeting the white race for these outrageous sentences.

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  1. Whites are in danger in Columbus Georgia; not only physically by mostly blacks, but also by the court system here.

  2. Why put your self in situation like this?
    Humans (White People)just stay away from these black infested places, you know these beast don't want you there any way!

  3. Columbus, Ga. is a pathetic excuse for a town, a town that has little to offer other than robberies, rapes, carjackings, home-invasions and murders committed by the simian black thugs who infest this dark, dirty, dangerous town. The leadership of this cesspool of a town by the Chattahoochee River is almost as bad as the afore-mentioned black criminal element. The "leadership" of Columbus, Ga. is comprised of carpetbaggers from the North and native Southerners who are embarrassed by Columbus's past as a slave-owning town during the antebellum and American Civil War era and the anti-black Jim Crow laws that endured well into the latter years of the 20th century. These "leaders" are desperate to live-down, atone for, Columbus's evil reputation vis-a-vis the erstwhile abuse of its black second-class citizens. This is why the authorities here persecute, seek to silence, white-rights activists who dare to remind them of Columbus's abhorent past. The dark, dirty, dangerous town of Columbus, Ga. is pathetically desperate in its quest to gain national acceptance as a modern, progressive community. But its past is its past, and no amount of sugar-coating can ever change the evil deeds that were done here...

  4. Yes, whites should leave here and are. Still it is hard to pull up stakes; if not impossible. When my friend has an 87 year old mother who will not move and is dependent upon him...then what? I will stay here and fight the good fight; at least until my friends son is out of legal danger. He wants to come back and see his grandmother. His dog too. He cannot come back to Columbus as he is banned from here; for putting out politically incorrect literature and being railroaded by our corrupt jewdicial system. His case is being appealed with the GA Supreme Court. I hope he wins and sues this idiotic city. I want to be part of the celebration.