Tuesday, September 17, 2013

White Nationalist Woman Defies Marxist Crowd at Anti-War Rally


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  1. Indeed! A young white woman boldly standing up for her race during a public demonstration of white pride in Portland, Ore., a nest of writhing, self-hating "liberal" leftist vipers. This is a peculiar dynamic this writer has seen first-hand in the downtown area of Columbus, Ga., a dark, dirty, dangerous former slave-owning town in which this writer has the misfortune to live. The woman, holding a sign that says, "Globalism is Imperialism," is beset by people of her own race who have been thoroughly indoctrinated by decades of exposure to the Jewish mega-media machine. She is accused by her fellow whites of being a Nazi, a "white supremacist," the usual, predictable Jew media-contrived canards. The woman is of neither category...she is neither a Nazi nor a white supremacist. She is simply a woman who is proud of her race and its remarkable, time-proven history of remarkable accomplishments, accomplishments that vastly exceed those of any other race of people ever to tread the Earth. It is a sad and troubling fact that the majority of whites, having been dumbed-down by the afore-mentioned Jewish mega-media machine, are their own worst enemies, have been taught to hate themselves and their race depite its unsurpassed record of accomplishments throughout the history of humanity. This apologetic, masochistic self-loathing will be the downfall of the white race and, if ( or when ) the white race falls every other race will suffer the dire consequences. It is the white race, after all, that rushes to the rescue when the darker races encounter their problems, whether man-made or by the powerful hand of Mother Nature. When white nations encounter grievous problems, the dark races do not rush to THEIR aid. Why? For two main reasons: The darker races lack the altruism of the white race, seek not to help others in distress, a fact proven by history. The other reason is simply the fact that the darker races, relatively unproductive...unaccomplished...lack the resources to help anyone...including themselves.